While we’re hearing freezing our a$ses off in Baltimore the Birds are heating things up down south in Spring Training and getting ready for opening day in April.

With an enormous number of pitchers reporting for the Orioles this season the O’s have tons of question marks. But one of the biggest concerns in who to put in those final innings of the close games. My vote has to be last year’s closer, George Sherrill.


The O’s signed Sherrill last off season from the Mariners and he proved to be incredibly successful. His 31 saves in 49 games sent him to the All Star Game.

The problem is that the Orioles had an injured closer last season and he’s healthy and ready to go. His name is Chris Ray. Ray’s 2007 season was cut short with only 17 saves in 37 games. But in 2006 he had 33 saves.

While Chris Ray has a 3.19 career ERA and Sherrill’s has a 3.96, I still think you have to give the ball to George in save situations. Who knows how Ray will be coming off of elbow surgery? Not to mention if Sherrill has a good spring you absolutely owe that spot to him if you’re Dave Trembley.