ESPN rabble rouser Skip Bayless did what he does best on Tuesday’s program, start drama. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was in studio for ESPN’s First Take where Skip confronted him about him about “being stuck with Joe Flacco.”

“Oh my God, we’re stuck with Joe,” Suggs sarcastically said.  “Uh, excuse me in 2009 who did he beat in a playoff game,” he asked Bayless referring to the Ravens 31-14 win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Wild Card game.

As First Take’s host Dana Jacobson sat awkwardly watching Bayless and Suggs banter back and forth, the All-Pro and the trouble maker talked about what went wrong against the Steelers last year in the playoffs.  “Did the quarterback throw interceptions,” Bayless asked.  “Did we give up touchdowns,” Suggs responded.  Over and over.  Rinse and repeat.

“This is my psychoanalysis of T-Sizzle.  In your heart of hearts, I don’t think you’re sold on your quarterback,” Bayless said.  “Go ahead put the camera on me.  I’m 100 percent sold in Cool Joe,” Suggs said confidently

Before the interview concluded Suggs accused Bayless of being bias and having “a little alliance with the boys in black.”  Earlier, Bayless brought on Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward for a debate with Sizzle.  It ended up being a boring exchange between the two which apparently forced Skip to improvise.