Vernon Wells leads the Yankees offenseAll of last season, the Orioles had to put up with national baseball experts saying they were lucky because of their one-run win record and run differential. Their Pythagorean record suggested that they weren’t as good as their actual win-loss did.

But It didn’t matter, the numbers and experts were wrong and the O’s grabbed a Wild Card spot, knocked out the defending AL champion Texas Rangers and took the Yankees to five games in the ALDS.

In 2013, the Bronx Bombers have managed to stay atop the AL East without Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson (he’s back now) with a 25-14 record through the first 40 games of the year. Their 8-2 record in one-run games and 22-18 Pythagorean record should make them the contender for baseball’s “lucky” label this season.

The Yankees +16 run differential is the lowest among teams with a .500 record or higher in the American League.

So where’s the outrage? Why haven’t we heard about how they will fall back to earth and that this team is fooling everyone in baseball like the O’s last season?

As the Yankees continue to get healthy, you’ll hear even less about their luck. People will credit them for keeping their heads above water while their veterans make their way back to the diamond. And they should. Run differential, Pythagorean record and one-run wins mean nothing. The only thing that matters is win-loss.

It’s just funny how in Baltimore no one believed the win total to be anything but like, but the same style play is referred to as “Yankee baseball” in New York.