Jim Irsay said he's pulling for the team his father hated the mostThe guy with one of the most hated last names in Baltimore is trying to make amends.  Even though I wasn’t even born when the Colts snuck out of town and Jim Irsay is the son of the man responsible for taking Baltimore’s team to Indianapolis, I still don’t want to hear his well wishes.

The avid twitterer and Colts owner tweeted that he hopes to see the Ravens win Super Bowl XLVI.  Since his franchise won’t be there, as they are the worst in the National Football League, Irsay picked his consolation team.

“(I) got tons of friends there,” Irsay tweeted.  Tons? — of friends?  —  WaitDo they know you’re friends?

Former Colt Raymond Berry will present the Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl winner in Indianapolis and Irsay hopes he hands it to “Steve B,” or Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

Sorry Jim, if you really want to do something good for the city of Baltimore give the Hall of Fame a call.  I’m sure Johnny Unitas would appreciate being in the Hall as a Baltimore Colt and not affiliated with a city in which he never played.