The Baltimore Orioles coordinator in the Dominican Republic, Felipe Alou, Jr., told Dan Connolly of The Sun that Alfredo Simon has been in touch with O’s officials regarding his murder allegations and that “the pitcher maintains his innocence.”

“What Alfredo said himself was that he was at the place it happened, a person was killed and one went to the hospital, but he had nothing to do with it.”

Details are still emerging about the fatal shooting of Michel Castillo Almonte in a dispute on New Years Eve.  Mike Gonzalez said that he “didn’t believe” what he saw in the paper.  Simon met with authorities last evening and police suggested that the shooting may have been accidental.

Roch Kubatko thinks that the team will wait for those facts before issuing a statement of their own.

UPDATE: CNN reported Monday afternoon that Simon met with police and claimed that the incident was an accident. His attorney Carlos Olivares and former Oriole Julio Lugo turned the gun over to the police and claimed that Simon fired the gun in the air, not at the victim.