I hate these lists, so why do I let them constantly bother me. Someone calm me down because this list is ridiculous.

Here are the top 30 sports cities according to Sporting News, with my notes next to them in italics.

1. PittsburghSteelers, Penguins, but no real baseball team. All their teams have the same colors though. Honestly though, Pittsburgh probably is the current number win with the Steelers’ and Penguins success.
2. PhiladelphiaProbably a fair ranking with the passionate Eagles and Phillies fans.
3. Boston If they aren’t winning, their fans are non-existent, but they win a lot so this is fair. Also Boston has a HUGE band-wagon appeal.
4. Chicago + Evanston Okay.
5. Los AngelesThe Dodgers and Lakers are more of a spectacle for Hollywood.
6. New YorkOkay.
7. Phoenix + TempeA little high for Phoenix.
8. MiamiThey can’t sell out the Marlins or the ‘Phins, how is Miami 8? People in Miami do not care about sports.
9. Dallas-Fort WorthEh, I’m indifferent to this one.
10. Detroit + Ann Arbor + Ypsilanti Agreed.

11. HoustonReally, 11? I don’t think Houston is any better than 12-19.
12. Nashville Kinda high.
13. AtlantaAlright.
14. WashingtonAs in DC? You kidding me? I asked 7 people wearing Nationals’ gear who they were playing one day in DC and no one had any idea.
15. Tampa-St. Petersburg High.
16. Minneapolis-St. Paul K
17. Raleigh + Durham + Chapel Hill, N.C.Obviously, for College only.
18. Denver + BoulderToo high.
19. Salt Lake City + Provo Perhaps.
20. IndianapolisNot a chance, Indy fans are terrible. No winning, no fans.
21. AnaheimSurprised this wasn’t included in LA.

22. ClevelandSounds good.
23. CharlotteCharlotte’s higher than Baltimore? Panthers fans are better than Ravens? Nope.
24. San Jose + Palo Alto + Santa ClaraAlright
25. New Orleans Not higher than Baltimore.
26. MilwaukeeSure.
27. OrlandoNope. Besides Disney World (which is awesome) people in Orlando aren’t into sports.
28. BaltimoreInsulting, look at the list of cities above Charm City. I would probably rank us Top 15, this is embarrassing.
29. Cincinnati Fine.
30. St. LouisWhatever.

So as you can see, I have quite a beef with this list. It’s insulting for Baltimore fans. We’re better than half of these sports cities, some of which shouldn’t be top 50. Miami is a HORRIBLE sports city, and Orlando c’mon.