Even though it’s just a short ride from Baltimore, I have never been to Nationals’ Park. I’ve heard all about it, seen it on MASN, and watched the O’s take 2 out of 3 from DC earlier this year, but I never attended a game.

I took the train into DC, driving there isn’t exactly pleasant. The green line drops you right off outside the park and it still has that “new look” to it.

Arriving to Nationals Park without a ticket is no problem. I walked up to the window on Monday for a game vs. the San Francisco Giants in which Tim Lincecum was the starting and had no problem purchasing $5 seats.

As I walked into Nationals Park I immediately noticed it’s open concourse layout. Having never attended an open concourse ballpark I was very interested to see how a stadium could be designed to watch the game from any where in the ballpark.

I enjoyed grabbing a dog and looking at Adam Dunn mis-play balls in the outfield at the same time.

Nationals Park is beautifully designed. Even though I’ve never been there I thought that navigating around the stadium was a piece of cake.

The food at the park was just like any other stadium, but everything was themed with an American/President name.

Of course, one of the most exciting parts of watching the Nationals is the President’s race. If you haven’t heard, the Nats have George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt race each other in between innings. Teddy has never won a race, but it’s a hoot to cheer for him.

Overall, Nationals Park is definitely worth the trip. If you get to see the O’s battle the Nats during interleague I’m sure it would back the game more enjoyable, but the stadium is definitely worth checking out.