Donte Stallworth took to twitter to fire back at ESPN analyst Adam Schefter for his opinions on Stallworth’s DUI manslaughter conviction in 2009.

On Saturday, Schefter retweeted a comment that said, “Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little killed people. Burress hurt himself only, but he got harshest punishment. Travesty!”

Stallworth responded later in the day writing, “You’re so concerned about my boy Plax, if you haven’t visited him or wrote him then keep quiet until you do! @AdamSchefter.”

In a series of tweets on Monday, Stallworth explained his comments to Schefter.

Twit fam, thanks for all your positive tweets. I’ve said it many times that you have been an integral part of helping me get through my days. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I get it. It would be asinine to think everyone will forgive me of my past transgressions like God has. In what I feel has been an attempt by him 2 perpetuate indignation towards me by juxtaposing my situation w/friend Plax on SEVERAL occasions. In a rare occurrence, I let my emotions engulf my rational thought when I have ALWAYS ignored him and many others. For that fam, I apologize. God knows I’ve been sincerely contrite. I am human but I promise you I will not react to negativity on my timeline EVER again. Love y’all.