Torrey Smith and the Ravens take on the SteelersThis version of Steelers Week has seemed pretty light when it comes to trash talk. Perhaps Pittsburgh hasn’t thrown much fuel on the fire because Ben Roethlisberger is out or maybe the fans just overhype this rivalry into oblivion.

Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis took a shot at the Ravens though. When asked about Torrey Smith’s speed, Lewis said the Steelers aren’t worried about stopping the Baltimore wide receiver. “Honestly, he’s a real fast guy, but he’s not Mike Wallace,” Lewis said according to

“We’ve got the fastest guy in the league. Period. Every day.”

“So when you have a guy like that you practice with, especially me in the summer time then every day in practice, I’m feeling pretty comfortable about guarding (Smith).”

Despite their injuries, Pittsburgh’s defense has been solid this season. They lead the league in pass yards allowed per game with 171.1. That’s okay, the Ravens need to get back to running the ball with Ray Rice more anyway.