Stephen A. Smith rips Orioles for schedule conflict with RavensI don’t watch First Take and it’s because of stuff like this. Twitter was abuzz this afternoon about Stephen A. Smith trashing the Baltimore Orioles for forcing the Ravens to open their season on the road.

Smith joins Peyton Manning as the latest person uninformed on the schedule conflict. I’m not even going to go around in the pointless finger pointing circle on that one. Check out Jake’s piece from earlier today.

The comments on First Take fired up a number of fans including Susan Graham Cox who asked Smith to “do some research” before trying “to destroy the reputation of a great organization.” Smith replied “Puh-leeze. There isn’t a damn thing great about the Orioles.”

By the way, Matt Vensel of The Baltimore Sun joined us on the BSR Podcast this week and said that the Ravens ultimately decided to open on the road. He said they could have worked out a Sunday or Monday night deal if they wanted to. You’ll never hear Smith or Manning bring that up though.