Joe Flacco's issues now a national concern
Image Credit: AP Photo/Waco Tribune Herald, Jose Yau

There’s nothing more annoying than a journalist who plays the “I told you so” game. Since I don’t consider myself a journalist — I’m a blogger — I feel that I’m exempt from this rule.

Two weeks ago, I highlighted some of Joe Flacco’s problems in the Ravens narrow victory over the Steelers on Sunday Night Football. “Flacco will be looking for top-10 quarterback money, but has he played like a top-10 quarterback,” I asked.

I was slammed for even asking the question.

Last week in San Diego, I keyed in on Flacco’s inability to throw downfield. He was constantly under-throwing Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin and audibled into an overloaded defensive line twice.

I got emails from people telling me to stop trying to be like Skip Bayless.

This week, Flacco’s ineptitude led to the Baltimore Ravens first home loss in 15 games. The Ravens QB was outperformed by 37 year old backup Charlie Batch. Suddenly, the national media is noticing Flacco trending in the wrong direction. Ashley Fox of wrote a lengthy piece about Flacco’s flaws after his lousy performance against the Steelers.

Flacco can be ordinary, and in this day and age, ordinary doesn’t win the Super Bowl. Extraordinary does.

After the game, Flacco said he felt like the Ravens “could have put up 30 or 40 points today,” and he was right. They had their opportunities playing against a Steelers defense that got safety Troy Polamalu back but was missing linebacker LaMarr Woodley and was without cornerback Ike Taylor after the first series of the game.

My main concern with Flacco is his contract. The Ravens can’t afford to pay him like a top-ten quarterback when they’re getting mediocrity. And comparing him to Trent Dilfer is ridiculous. Dilfer was under center for a team that had arguably one of the best defenses in the history of the game. That isn’t the case anymore.

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