Ball So Hard University, the fictional college created by Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, has become a storyline for the Ravens success this season.  There are logos, awesome t-shirts and now even a rap song and ESPN feature about Ball So Hard University.

ESPN’s traveling sports journalist/comedian Kenny Mayne was spotted out at Owings Mills on Thursday recording a Ball So Hard University bit with Terrell Suggs for his the world-wide leader.  Though Mayne’s story with Suggs hasn’t been released yet,’s Ryan Mink talked with Mayne before he left.

Mayne called Suggs a “likable guy” and said he was “very funny” and had “natural acting ability.”  Though he wouldn’t disclose any details about the Ball So Hard University sketch.

The interwebs also released a fan created Ball So Hard University rap song.

Ravens fan and rapper Jaeyu posted the Ball So Hard University Anthem on  We’ve embedded it below.