If there’s one Ravens that’s proven he’s ready to go to Pittsburgh it’s got to be Terrell Suggs who told Michael Irvan on Tuesday that “the world better look out for Baltimore.”

Dan Kolko of MASNSports.com reported that Suggs appeared on Irvan’s show in Miami and sounded ready to take on the arch- rival Steelers.

“Everybody’s got that team … that’s got to get them over the hump,” said Suggs on the Michael Irvin Show in Miami, via Sports Radio Interviews. “For Peyton (Manning), it was New England. Ours is Pittsburgh. So I have a feeling if we can get the job done this week and get over our hump, it’s going to be scary and the world better look out for Baltimore.”

When asked about his concerns for the game, Suggs didn’t hesitate to list Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward. “I do not like Hines Ward, but I do respect him, and he’s definitely a guy that I’d take into a brawl with me.”

Suggs will certainly be brawling against him on Saturday.