While most of the Ravens talk this week has been negative, despite a 24 point win against the Carolina Panthers, one positive that continues to to go unnoticed has been Terrell Sugg’s performance at linebacker.

Suggs has taken some heat for his lacking numbers in the sacks department, especially after he signed a deal worth $63 million for six years. Fans are constantly told that Suggs looks like he’s in great shape, but last season he had just 4.5 sacks and his history at voluntary camps is no secret to anyone.

Sizzle started slow again this season, but promised fans that he would deliver after the bye week and he’s done just that. He recorded two sacks in Atlanta and one in both Carolina and against Miami. That’s four in three weeks for you math geeks out there, 7.5 total this season.

If Suggs can get over the 12 mark, which he posted in his rookie season, he may be able to get past all the criticism. In a post on Ravens Insider, Edward Lee quoted Suggs’ response to his critics.

“I don’t really care about the critics,” he said Sunday. “We’ll find out at the end of the year. My biggest thing is homefield advantage. I mean, excuse me, win the division first and then get homefield advantage and then going to get that Lombardi [Trophy]. Wherever I end up is where I end up. I’m just going to keep trying to progress for my team.”

Can Suggs get past 12 sacks this season?