The guy pictured to right probably isn’t from Massachusetts or Maine or New Hamshire or Rhode Island or Vermont.

In all likelihood that guy is a bandwagon Patriots fan from Kansas for all we know.

I get chastised relentlessly for calling out frontrunning fan bases, but this time I can point to hard evidence.

Fox 25 in Boston is reporting that less than 10 percent of all Super Bowl tickets purchased through StubHub have been to New Englanders.  Why?  Because most of the Boston fans are outside of the city.  Pats fans have popped up over the past decade and will vanish as soon as another dynasty emerges.

You don’t actually think that all of those Red Sox fans at Camden Yards are coming from Boston do you?  NO.  They’re coming from Virginia or Delaware.

I’m just glad that I can point to some hard evidence to support my bandwagon argument.

I assure you that Ravens fans don’t cross Maryland state borders.