So you heard the Baltimore Ravens contacted the Bills about T.O., huh? He’ll never come to Baltimore. The Ravens aren’t that desperate.

Certain radio personalities may be sensationalized what actually happened. Shocking I know.

The guys from and I had a chance to discuss the Ravens will Aaron Wilson for our next episode of our podcast, Birds On The Wire. Wilson set the record straight about Owens, telling us that the Ravens contact a lot of people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are interested in picking up players.

Ozzie Newsome‘s past with Owens should be enough for most fans to know that a deal between the two will never happen. If that’s not enough proof, Sarah Ellison of showed that Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reported that a “Baltimore player” said the idea of the Ravens trading for Owens this week was unlikely.

“The player said Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome was ‘furious’ with Owens for forcing his way onto the Eagles after Baltimore had acquired him via trade from San Francisco in 2004. Owens later trashed Newsome in his autobiography, Catch This!, alleging that Newsome told his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, that ’sometimes a black man’s gotta be slapped.’”

“Do you think Ozzie would trade for him after that?” the Ravens player said. “He’ll never have a job [in Baltimore].”

Like I said Ravens fans, we’re not that desperate.