Yesterday, the Terps put forth and unbelievable effort in attempt to end their current losing streak, but came up short and ended with a 29 – 26 loss to Florida State. The Terps came from 11 points down to pull ahead of the Seminoles, 26 – 22, with 4 minutes left. Ultimately, the Terps couldn’t get a much needed first down and left the game in the hands of FSU’s E. J. Manuel allowing him to drive down field for the win in the games final minute.

Wujciak rumbling after an interception.

Maryland played an unbelievable game yesterday considering what we’ve seen the past 6 games and seemed to click for most of the game. Sure, the defense was not able to stop the rush, but their pass defense was up to task and came up with 3 picks for the day. They were able to get pressure on Manuel and force him to make bad decisions throughout the game. There were a few missed assignments by the Terps that allowed big gaines on rushes, but they gave the offense opportunities. One more stop on defense in the final minute of the game and things could have turned out better for the Terps.

Their offense was alive yesterday and you could see the improvement from Robinson in just only a week. He looked more calm as a quarterback and at times almost too calm. There were times he was standing flat-footed as if it were practice, something he’ll need to work on this off season. He made better passes and adjusted to the Seminole defense by making decisions faster. If he didn’t see any of his receivers open, he either threw it away or ran for a small gain. The running game was back with Scott gaining 83 yards to add to a combined running effort of close to 200 yards. Torrey Smith and Adrian Cannon were excellent yesterday accounting for most of the receiving yards. Smith once again gave the Terps decent field position, but his missed touchdown pass in the first quarter which looks like the difference in the game. Maryland needs to add a Tight End to the mix to give Robinson a third option.

I haven’t written much about the coaching this season, but we’re in the final two games of the season and it may be my only talking points from here on out. The coaching has been lackluster at best this year with mismanaging the game clock, calling timeouts at the wrong time and play calling that doesn’t work for the personnel on the field. Not adjusting to injuries by ignoring strengths and weaknesses of their healthy players has been obvious this year. Except for Dave Sollazzo, the coaches look as if they are there just to pick up a paycheck. If the Terps are going to continue with Friedgen and James Franklin as his replacement, the Terps are going to struggle in years to come. Its time for new minds and new blood to keep the current talent from fizzling in the coming years. I can understand these guys are probably working hard at what they do, but its hard to see that on the field.