WOW! What a game for the Terps Saturday. This was a roller coaster that will have all Terp fans mad, aggravated, excited, relieved all within a span of three and a half hours. The Terps started with 11 yards offense and no first downs in the first quarter. Midway through the second, they had a first down and just after that, their first score of the game. By the end of the half they took a commanding lead 17 – 13.

The second half started well with Maryland taking advantage of a short kick and returning it to the one. The terps easily pushed their way into the end-zone and went up 24 – 13. The Terps looked to be cruising to a win, just before things began to get a little shaky in the fourth quarter. With about 6 minutes left in the game, Maryland was faced with 4th and 1 at their own 29 yard line. Turner went for a QB sneak and came up short. It resulted in a Turnover on downs at the Maryland 29 which meant Clemson could’ve just ran the ball three times and kicked a field goal to tie. Luckily, Maryland’s defense held and when Clemson went to tie the game with a field goal, they missed, giving the ball back to Maryland . The Terps at this point have just under four minutes to play and all they had to do is run the ball and get one first down. On the first play, Meggett carries and fumbles the ball on their own 31. Maryland’s defense again holds and forces a field goal attempt. For a second time, Clemson misses their field goal and Maryland escaped another potential disaster. At this point, there is a little less than 3 minutes left on the game clock and Maryland again cannot move the ball and are forced to punt to Clemson with about a minute and a half left in the game. This time, things looked like they were going to end favorably for Clemson. Parker started moving the ball down field with crisp passes and getting to the Maryland 28. This time though Marylands defense comes through and forces Parker to fumble on a sack by Demetrius Hartsfield – Game over.

I’ve seen five games so far and Maryland really scares me. They turn the ball over way too much to have a winning season. The defense did stop Clemson this weekend and Maryland out-gained them 284 – 274, but their inability to make plays when it matters most could be their biggest down fall. Next up is Wake Forest and they need to have a good game on the offensive side of the ball in order to control the game. Otherwise, Maryland’s defense will be over worked.