Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Matt convene to talk Terps following an embarrassing loss to West Virginia. They guys recap their double date on Saturday night, discuss a typical Randy Edsall blow out at the hands of the Mountaineers, what it would actually take to replace him, preview Michigan and recap CT’s outing to TGIFriday’s Endless Appetizers.

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Topics discussed include:
  • CT and Matt go a double date, their girlfriends now do a “are you buying me a dog” bit to annoy them
  • Realized that they never spoke of the Maryland-West Virginia football game throughout their entire evening out
  • Terps lose to the Mountaineers 46-6
  • The entire fan base has come around the cul de sac and everyone’s done with Randy Edsall
  • West Virginia has dominated Maryland for the last 8 years
  • The game with Matt with a lot of questions. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
  • Q: What Randy Edsall disaster does this remind you of? A: All of the them!
  • As terrible as the offense was, the defense was even more atrocious
  • Edsall’s teams never ever come out energized
  • Looking ahead to potential wins, taking 2 or 3 more games is going to be a fight. The next few games will tell us a lot about this team
  • Brandon Ross is the lone bright spot, has a nice game
  • Caleb Rowe vs. Daxx Garman starting — Don’t worry it doesn’t matter much
  • CT throws out the idea of having Perry Hills grind things out, Matt shoots it down. Defense is getting shredded, duh
  • What would it take to actually get rid of Randy Edsall? From a football and fan perspective it makes sense, but there’s much more to it
  • The guys walk through the other parties involved in hiring and firing football coaches and the politics that come with it
  • CT and Matt are concerned if logistically the university could do a good job at hiring a coach
  • Firing Edsall would be a blow to Kevin Anderson’s ego
  • We could still see Edsall back again next year. Maryland’s afraid of the rebuild
  • The whole Byrd Stadium-name controversy only makes things more annoying
  • The guys don’t care at all — More offended by the football team
  • CT is bummed out he’s missing the tailgate on Saturday
  • Terps are +16 underdogs to Michigan in their token night game of the year, sure to be a flood of opposing fans
  • Previewing the Michigan Wolverines
  • The guys feel like Michigan looks ahead of schedule in Jim Harbaugh’s first year, but still seem a little overinflated. They played bad teams in UNLV and Oregon State, as well as a beaten down BYU squad
  • Maryland could compete, though, they are really good at getting their doors blown off
  • Offense is run heavy, Jake Rudock looks to be improving
  • Defense is strong, experienced
  • CT details his SECOND experience with TGIFriday’s Endless Appetizers
  • Pro tip: Avoid the potato skins
  • For his last plate, CT tried the peanut butter and jelly boneless buffalo wings — They were gross
  • What’s the turnout going to be for Saturday?