In perhaps could be Coach Friedgen’s last game as head coach, the Terps gave all they had to break their 6 game losing streak and end the season on a good note. Sad to say that they didn’t have enough and ended up losing 19 – 17 to BC.

Terps playing final game against BC.

Chris Turner made his last appearance for the Terps and it did not look so good for him. He engineered a drive in the first quarter only to score 3 points, but was rushed and menaced continually by BC. Turner was then pulled for Robinson and the offense seemed to gel a little more. Turner ended his career for the Terps with an unimpressive outing. The Terps just couldn’t finish and put points on the board.

The defense held BC in check allowing 4 field goals and one touchdown. They still gave up a good amount of yards rushing, but they held Shinskie in check. The defense gave their offense a chance to win, but the Terps couldn’t score. Something that stood out from this game was that there weren’t any turnovers, completely uncharacteristic of the Terps.

Where does this team go in 2010? Is Freidgen still coach? If not, who are the candidates? The freidgen may need a clean break from Maryland. It may be time to have new ideas from a fresh face come in and take control of this team. There is some good talent on this team, maybe not Alabama caliber, but good talent that can make this team a contender in the ACC if taught well. Not sure who those candidates are, but check back during the offseason for updates on Terps football.