The Terps were desperate for a win yesterday and couldn’t come through. The past two games the Terps played were in the rain and having wonderful weather yesterday the Terps were hoping for a tunraround. Things were going there way in the first half, but unfortunately, they came away with a loss losing 38 – 31.

The Terps had a tough time with the Wolfpack on all sides of the ball yesterday. Again, their defense was lit up for 300+ yards passing. The Terps were able to come away with three picks, but couldn’t capitalize on all of them. The defense also couldn’t stop the run as they gave up over 100 yards rushing to the Wolfpack as a team.

The offense struggled as well. Their running game was suspect and they had nothing in the passing game. What made things worse was Turner getting hurt mid way through the second quarter. The injury may not be as bad as it looked, but the Terps are going to be without Turner for the next game or possibly the rest of the year. Turners replacement, Jamaar Robinson came in and struggled until the last possesion of the game. He was able to run the ball and move the offense downfield eventually stalling at midfield. Jamaar is exciting to watch, but he needs to improve his passing before becoming a more coplete threat. The running game did show some flashes of potential with Caleb Porzel breaking a few long runs. Meggett was ineffective and without the running game, they weren’t table to open up the passing game.

Some of the few bright spots saturday came with an interception return for a touchdown by the Maryland defense and special teams had a kick return for a touchdown. Maryland received output from all phases of their team but none could put them over the top.

With this loss, Maryland has now lost all possible opportunity for a bowl game. The Terps probably weren’t going to make a bowl game anyhow and they would have had to win out for any chance, but they did have a slight chance coming into this game with the Wolfpack. Now the Terps head to College Park to play Virginia Tech, a team that is still in the hunt for the divison title and looking for as many wins as possible right now.