Wow, this team needs to look at some film for the next few days. The Terps were playing their Third place game in the Maui Invitational and they were beat by a better Wisconsin team 78 – 69. The Terps come home to face Indiana on 12/1.

Bowie and Vasquez on defense.

The Terps came out quick and lead 7 – 0 in the first few minutes, but it went downhill from there and Wisconsin took control of the game. The Terps were befuddled by the Badgers tough defense and three point shooting. They held the Terps from scoring early inside and by the time the Terps tried to come back, it was a little late. In the first half, the Badgers were hitting their threes easily and at times, it looked like the Terps weren’t even trying to cover the Badgers.

The second half was much of the same, more threes and very little defense from the Terps. When the Terps would step out to cover the Badgers, someone was always open underneath. The Terps handled the ball very well, they didn’t share the ball assisting on 9 of 27 shots made. Their free throw shooting was horrible as well, making only 10 – 17 shots.

The Terps come home licking their wounds from the Maui tournament. They have a few glaring holes they need to work on: free throw shooting and perimeter defense. These issues may be hidden with the pre-Acc schedule coming up, but once they start playing teams like Duke, Carolina, Wake Forest and Clemson, the Terps may have a long day on the court.