Terrell Suggs return pushed backBefore stepping into a line in Walt Disney World, guests can view the wait time of the attraction or show, listed in increments of five minutes. I mention this piece of information on a sports blog not because I’m a huge Disney World nerd (I am), but because typically these times are 5-10 minutes longer than the actual duration of the wait.

By the time you get to the ride or the show starts, you look down at your watch — or phone for you kids — and say “hey, that wasn’t so bad after all.” Disney magic.

After tearing his Achilles playing basketball*  in April, Terrell Suggs suggested that he could return to the field by mid-season. A very optimistic timetable for such an injury.

John Harbaugh recently indicated that Suggs’ return was ahead of schedule.

Now, Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun reports that “it’s far too soon to know exactly when” Suggs will return for his injury. “The source said it’s far more likely that Suggs would return sometime in November, perhaps later in that month.”

Should’ve gone with the Disney approach. Now we’re all disappointed.


* – I’m sticking with the basketball story. Suggs won’t admit it, but there’s way too much evidence against his “conditioning drill” statement for me to believe it.