elvis-dumervilI love me some fancy stats.

According to Pro Football Focus’ Pass Rushing Productivity, a statistic that calculates which players got the most pressure relative to the opportunities they had to get it,  the Ravens defense has two of the top ten edge rushers in the NFL through the first four weeks of the season — Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil.

Suggs ranks 8th overall, with a 13.6 PRP on 112 pass rush snaps. Dumervil ranks 9th, with a 13.6 PRP in 112 pass rush snaps.

The Ravens are the only team with two players in the top 15.

Pass Rushing Productivity is calculated like so:

Sacks + (0.75 x Hits) + (0.75 x Hurries)/ Pass Rushing Snaps x 100 = PRP

Baltimore’s defense ranks 15th overall in yards allowed per game with 345.8. If you remove that debacle in Denver (510 yards allowed), they’re averaging just 291 yards allowed per game (third in the NFL).

The Ravens hadn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher until Buffalo ran all over them for 203 yards in week four. Miami’s running backs have rushed four 3.9 yards per carry this season, 24th in the NFL.