Terrell SuggsNo one likes playing up the Ravens-Steelers rivalry like Terrell Suggs. “It’s a good old-fashioned alley fight,” Suggs said of the Baltimore’s week 11 matchup at Heinz Field. “You need a good one of those every now and then.”

Suggs admitted in his press conference on Wednesday that he’s still preparing to face Ben Roethlisberger, despite Mike Tomlin telling reporters he’s out. Sizzle says he won’t believe it until he’s sees it.

“That’s why this is the most heated rivalry in sports, next to Heat-Celtics,” he explained. “This game sends a shock wave through the NFL.”

But for a guy who talks about how bitter this rivalry is and who said that Pittsburgh will “lock the gates” when the Ravens step on the field, he seems to omit the fact that during the offseason he hangs out with Steelers safety Ryan Clark.

ProFootballTalk.com reported in August that Clark and Suggs are friends off the field. In fact, they worked out together this summer. “I don’t really hate them,” Clark said of Suggs and the Ravens. “He’s a really cool dude and he said it himself, he’s like, ‘People don’t understand that we only hate y’all two weeks or three out of the year.’”

GASP. Does that mean that the fans make this rivalry stronger than it actually is?

“That’s why these two teams don’t like each other because they’re so similar,” Suggs said. Similar enough to hang out during the offseason, I guess.