Dearest Red Sox Nation,

On behalf of all Baltimore Orioles fans, I would like to take this blog post to personally thank you for your visit to Oriole Park at Camden Yards during the April 30th – May 2nd series defeat of your beloved Red Sox.

Though I am aware that a great number of your loud mouthed fans come from within the local areas of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or anywhere other than Massachusetts, I would like to thank those fans that spent their hard earned money on Baltimore’s fine dining, hotels and of course your tickets to the beautiful home of the Orioles, Camden Yards.

You helped fund local businesses while watching your team be defeated by the talents of Miguel Tejada, Nick Markakis, Matt Wieters and the entire Orioles roster.

I know what your thinking, who am I, a fan of a team with just five wins in the entire month of April, to talk smack to you? I’m the guy that has rooted for my team through a difficult 12 years. However, you didn’t start filling Camden Yards until after you won a World Series and I expect that if that Sox have a few down years, you will soon disappear.

Your team built its recent success around two of the game’s biggest steroid users in history and your fans have taken the honor of most obnoxious opposing team’s fans from the New Yorkers.

This year, Boston built a team around a crappy line up and expected to compete with the Yankees and Rays in the East. Papi is an old bum, Youkilis looks like a lumber jack, Lackey hasn’t pitched up to his contract, Drew can’t hit his weight and Pedrioa is your only guy producing.

While the Orioles won’t compete this season, it’s been fun to wrap up our homestand with a series win in a full ball park. You always rile up our fans to out cheer you and I appreciate your funds for our local business. It’s a tough economy out there.

Enjoy your trip back to Boston and come back again soon!