Photo: Keith Allison

162 games in the books, and a lot left to be decided. Since we’ve got a day off of baseball today, let’s take a moment to reflect and hand out some awards!

These are the winners of all the major baseball awards if only the Orioles were eligible to win them.

Rolaids Relief Man Award
Jim Johnson: You know there’s an actual formula for this award? Well, don’t bother calculating.

Rookie of the Year
Manny Machado: Manny played too many games to be elibigle for RoY in 2013, and he happened to be stuck in a great class of MLB debutants this year. Still, the spark he provided both at the plate and at the hot corner over the last 50 games gives him the slight edge over L.J. Hoes.

Gold Gloves
C  Matt Wieters:
Range Factor/9 of 7.91, threw out 39% of runners and caught 133 games. Doy.
1B  Mark Reynolds: RF/9 of 9.11, stellar .995 fieding % in 107 games as a (re)converted first sacker.
2B  Ryan Flaherty:
Limited action but only committed 1 error in 164.1 innings played at second base. Sorry Andinosaur.
3B Manny Machado: Respectable .967 fielding % and let’s face it, every other third baseman was a nightmaretrain. Also this.
SS J.J. Hardy: Forget the team award, get this guy a real Gold Glove already. 6 errors in 157 games, RF/9 of 4.85
LF  Lew Ford: Since nobody on the team played more than 54 games in left, and Ford didn’t make an error in his 72 innings, we’ll go ahead and give it to him.
CF Adam Jones: Please.
RF Chris Davis: Played the wall respectably, only 1 error in 222 innings. Tied Markakis with 3 assists and lead RFs in range factor, which is confusing.
P Tommy Hunter: If there were a position that didn’t actually involve throwing to home, but just playing defense on the mound, Tommy Hunter would be excellent at it. No errors in 27 chances, turned 4 double plays, only stolen on once.

Silver Sluggers
C Matt Wieters: Career numbers in basically every category. Especially great final numbers (.249/23/83) considering the mammoth slumps Wieters found himself in at times.
1B Mark Reynolds: First time in five years that The Sheriff did not lead the league in strikeouts, which has got to count for something! Reynolds gets the nod here not only because he’s the only thing close to an actual first baseman on the team, but also because he picked it up in the second half and knocked 16 home runs.
2B Omar Quintanilla: Small sample size (110 to Andino’s 431 PAs), but the other 2B’s OPSes were .415 (Brian Roberts) and .588 (Andino). A .232 average and slugging .354 wins Omar the 2B batting crown!
3B Wilson Betemit: We love Manny, but The Meat did a lot at the plate with the 376 appearances he made. He clocked 19 doubles, drew 31 walks and provided a decent veteran option from both sides of the plate for Buck.
SS J.J. Hardy: Regressed quite considerably from his 2011, grounded into the most DPs on the team, but stilll got to his 20 HRs (22).
LF Nolan Reimold: Sorry Nate McLouth, but hear us out. Reimold was hitting .313 wih 5 HR and a .960 OPS before he went down after 69 plate appearances. So, we’re giving a silver bat to the only guy on the O’s who will have an average above .300 on his baseball card next year.
CF Adam Jones: A contract career year for Jonesy who lead the O’s in OPS (.839).
RF Nick Markakis: A great but shortened year at the plate for Nick, who hit .298 and drew the 4th most walks on the team despite missing 58 games.
DH Chris Davis: Edged Jones by 1 dinger for the team lead, and lead the team with 85 RBI as well.

Comeback Player of the Year
Miguel Gonzalez: Okay, maybe technically not eligible for the award since he’s not “coming back” to the majors, a but pretty great story for a 28 year-old rookie to pitch so well in the big games he has.

Roberto Clemente Award
Jim Johnson: JJ is up for the real deal this year, which you can still vote for until October 14th. It’s not enough that Johnson has been lights-out as a closer this season, but he’s also continued his tireless work in the community. Flipping closers with high save numbers for prospects is often the smart baseball thing to do (how do you think we got Jones?), but in this case you’d have to think long and hard before letting Johnson go from a community and a team to which he has contributed so much.

Cy Young
The Oriole Bullpen: Maybe this is a cop-out, but if there was ever a unit within a team deserving of an award, it’s this group. By any statistical measure, the Orioles relievers were no worse than 5th in all of baseball and 3rd in the AL. They were called upon to pitch more innings than any other playoff team. 74 times the Orioles were leading after the seventh inning. 74 times, the relievers — Jim Johnson, Darren O’Day, Luis Aala, Pedro Strop, Troy Patton, et al —  did their job to perfection.

Hank Aaron Award
Adam Jones: With apologies to Nick Markakis and Chris Davis. Jones’ improvement in plate discipline, power without losing contact rate and ability to hit when it matters made him the best Oriole in the batter’s box this season. Speaking of which…

Team MVP
Adam Jones: Played in all 162 games. Career numbers in almost all core offensive categories, including stolen bases. Signed his well-deserved extension and solidified his place as the centerpiece of the franchise. Lead the league in piefaces/per 9. Fun to watch, cares deeply about the fans and the tradition. Jonesy in a runaway for Oriole MVP.

Robert Andino Award
Robert Andino: Look, we love Robert Andino, and we feel bad he hasn’t won an award yet. This one’s for you Bob. 9.28.11: the night that put us on the path to where we are today.