Of every Super Bowl party, half of the crowd is there to actually watch football and the other half is enjoying the $3.5 million dollar 30 second commercials.  Every year people seem to comment that the commercials have gotten worse, but I enjoyed this year’s content.  I just think we’ve become spoiled by being able to watch them before the Big Game.

I was particularly impressed by the car commercials during Super Bowl XLVI.  Four of my top five are auto industry ads.

So now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: my top five Super Bowl commercials of 2012.

#5: Toyoto Camry – It’s Reinvented

Toyota had a few clever reinventions in their ad for the new Camry.  The one that sealed the deal had to be the DMV.  Of course they drew attention with the reinvented couch.

#4: Budweiser – Eternal Optimism

Budweiser always seems to do a good job of making America feel good.  Their “eternal optimism” advertisement was that heart warming ad for Super Bowl XLVI.  It almost makes you forget that they are a company based on a stolen recipe from the Czech Republic.

#3: Honda CRV – Matthew’s Day Off

By far the most hyped advertisement was Matthew Broderick’s Honda commercial in which his Ferris Bueller character returns to play hooky once again.  The extended commercial, embedded above, have a few great recreations from the movie.  It’s hard to believe that Broderick drives a Honda, but it doesn’t take too much away from the commercial.

#2 Acura NSX – Transactions

When I first saw the Acura NSX I thought for sure it was a concept car.  It’s a slick looking vehicle.  Acura’s website was slammed when I went to check it out after this commercial.  Bringing in Jerry Seinfeld was great and his role of the lovable loser was perfect.  Hell the Soup Nazi even made an appearance — What’s not to love — Oh, I guess Jay Leno…

#1 Kia Optima – A Dream Car. For Real Life.

There was only one commercial that completely cracked me up this year, Kia’s Dream Car advertisement.  An original concept, mixed with Motley Crue, Adriana Lima and Chuck Lidell made this commercial a slam dunk for the best of Super Bowl XLVI.

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