Ladies and Gentleman, this past Sunday night you witnessed one of the most controversial calls in recent memory with New England backed up on their own 29 yard line holding a 6 point lead with 2 minutes left in the game and facing a 4th and 2, common sense says that you punt the football and rely on your defense to help you win the game right? Wrong, not when you’re the New England Patriots, their coach Bill Belichick called a time out with 2 minutes left, consulted with Tom Brady and decided to go for it. Brady dropped back to pass with a heavy blitz coming, released the ball and hit Kevin Faulk out in the flats for a completion. The ball hit Faulk’s chest as he bobbled the football and didn’t retain possession until he was a full yard behind the first down marker. The rest of the game is history, but that isn’t the point.

While I was watching the game, I thought to myself wow there goes Bellichick again trying to set himself apart from everyone else in the league. If I am Bill Belichick, what am I thinking going for it on 4th down and risking the chance of giving of all people Peyton Manning the ball at your own 29 yard line. The Patriots defense held Manning throughout the game and even forced 2 interceptions. Bellichick obviously thought he had a better chance of winning going for it and not let his defense try and win the game.

I think it all comes down to Belichick’s super ego. He has established himself as the tough guy who isn’t afraid of taking chances like the one he made Sunday night. Well guess what, because of you Bill Belichick your team is sitting at 6-3 instead of 7-2 with a Jets team coming to town that beat you earlier in the season. If New England starts to collapse we now know who to blame!