Once again sitting in the cellar of the AFC North, the Cleveland Browns are slumping at the time in the season when they should be peaking.

This past week the organization should how unstable they are when they fired general manager George Kokinis who had only held the position since this past offseason. With his departure comes the arrival of former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar as the team’s new “consultant.” This new hire has started speculations that first year head coach Eric Mangini will be fired, possibly during this week’s bye.

Such a move would send this organization downward, even more so than they already are with Mangini calling the shots. When the Browns hired him this past offseason, they gave him his choice of who the team’s new general manager would be. By giving a head coach such responsibilities, the entire organization is at the mercy of this decision. It would be the easy solution to simply fire Mangini and start completely from scratch starting in week ten, but what will Cleveland be able to accomplish with a new coach for the next seven weeks?

With it being so far into the season, they would need to promote one of their assistants to coach the team on an interim bases until the season is over and they find head into their third coaching search in the past five years. Even though this team has begun the season so poorly, hiring a new coach during the season will only send this team back to ground zero.

I would agree that this team is in need of a new look, but such moves need to be made after the season. All moves should start from the top of the organization with the hiring of a new general manager with experience, with the choice being made by someone other than Mangini, or whoever the head coach is. This will ensure that all the right moves are made with their sights set on making a playoff run in 2010.

Thus far this season, we have seen similar circumstances with the Washington Redskins whose head coach Jim Zorn was on the hot seat until he was given a vote of confidence from the organization. Such “confidence” should be ensured to Mangini for the sake of this entire team that is currently sitting at 1-7, in hopes of keeping the team together and earning some victories starting with the rival Baltimore Ravens in week ten.