Like many people in the Baltimore area my season ended in late September with our beloved Orioles capping off an 11th straight losing season. But for millions of other fans, their season has just begun. It all started with 8 teams, four from the American League and four from the National League with aspirations of holding up the prestigious Commissioners Trophy at the end of the season.

The American League started out with match ups pitting the Yankees vs. Twins and the Red Sox vs. Angels. Both series I thought were BORING! Both resulted in sweeps by the favored teams that being the Yankees and Angels. Virtually the same result happened in the National League with the Dodgers sweeping the Cardinals and the Rockies and Phillies giving us the only exciting series so far, with the Phils coming out on top. Yeah these teams that won are very good but being a fan of baseball I can’t help but wonder why these lower seeded teams can’t even put up a fight.

It all comes down to the League Championship series right now, with a trip to the World Series on the line! To me this is the most exciting baseball we will see all year. We get to see the 4 best teams in baseball duke it out in a 7 game set, what more could you ask for as a fan of the game. I think ultimately it will be the Yankees and Phillies in the series simply because they both have strong veteran leadership and a lot of post season experience. As an O’s fan I can only hope and pray that we can experience the passion of October baseball in the coming years. Until then we can only watch as the same few teams battle it out every year.