This past Sunday’s matchup featuring the Saints and Redskins was definitely a showcase of both of their seasons. First you had the Washington Redskins who came into this game with a 3-8 record and no hopes of making the playoffs. At best, they can play spoiler for all prospective playoff teams that they face in the upcoming weeks. Prior to this matchup with New Orleans, the Redskins could/should have been on a three game winning streak. After beating Denver convincingly, they let divisional games against Dallas and Philadelphia slip from their grasps losing by a combined four points. Losing to the Saints on Sunday 33-30 in overtime, was just another humiliating loss which should have been their fourth straight victory over playoff teams. This loss did not come without consequence for those responsible as kicker Shaun Suisham was released this week after missing a potential game winning 23 yard chip shot. This was just another example of the Washington Redskins finding ways to lose games this season.

After their “statement” win over the New England Patriots in week 12, the Saints found themselves in familiar territory against Washington. After beating the Patriots and Bucs by an average of 26 points, they merely escaped with a 3 point victory in overtime as mentioned before. The Saints, although undefeated, have been known as the “cardiac kids” for much of the 2009 season. Minus the occasional blowout, New Orleans always allows the other team to stay in the game until late in the fourth quarter when we witness Drew Brees execute the perfect two minute drive on their way to victory. After viewing their game against the Redskins, I came away thinking that this team is destined to go undefeated. Having a high powered offense and a surging defense is no good without a little luck. Other than Redskin fans familiar with Suisham’s inconsistent kicking, who would have thought that he would have missed a 23 yard field goal to clinch the victory? I was astonished by Robert Meacham’s strip of Kareem Moore’s interception return which took the Saints into the locker room tied at halftime. Not to mention Redskins rookie Kevin Barnes being hit by the Saints punt, leading them to a possession deep in Washington territory. I would have to say that Sean Payton calling timeout in overtime to allow the review officials to look at the Mike Sellers fumble again was the play of the game. Without the reversal of this call, Washington could have potentially drove down the field and scored, or at least pinned New Orleans deep in their own territory with a punt instead of giving them a short field. After everything going wrong that potentially could have in this game, the Saints still came out with a victory. I believe that they are on the high road to 16-0.