So check it out, here I am sitting on my couch 3 weeks ago after the Giants 44-7 beat down of the Oakland Raiders and I am thinking to myself ‘wow these guys are for real who is going to be able to stop them?’

Then the next morning I am listening to my daily sports talk radio and I hear Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce say it felt like they were playing in a “scrimmage”. New York’s beloved G-Men looked to be on their way to another number 1 seed in the NFC but then they started playing the real game and not so much a “scrimmage”.

In the weeks before playing the Saints, the Giants played the Redskins, Cowboys, Bucs, Chiefs and Raiders. Most would agree that the only quality opponent in that mix would be the boys in big d. The Giants headed into the Superdome and they were caught with their pants down. Drew Brees dissected the Giants defense for 369 yards and 4 touchdowns the same happened in the next two weeks with Kurt Warner throwing for 270 yards and Donovan McNabb throwing for 240 Yards.

I will give it to the Giants that they are clearly missing starting safety Kenny Phillips and starting corner Aaron Ross. The Giants really need somebody to step up in that secondary or it is going to be a long season in New York.

In closing, I am going to steal a line from Dennis Green………”They are who we thought they were”