Here we are yet again, clarifying what the media really means. Earlier in the week it was Terrell Sugg’s hometown discount comments, now its the Anquan Boldin over hype.


The story came out yesterday in the Baltimore Sun, and right now we’re doing exactly what they want us to be doing…discussing it. The Sun and all other local media newspapers, sports talk shows, etc. want nothing more than readers and people to talk about their stories. They’ll do whatever they can to get clicks or sell papers. It spread like wild fire, so they certainly did do well.

It is obvious that Boldin has expressed displessure with his contract in Arizona. He said that he wouldn’t sign with the Cardinals if they signed Larry Fitzgerald to a 4 year 40 million dollar contract because it nearly double his own and everyone knows about his argument with offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the NFC Championship.

None of this means anything any more. Fitzgerald has already said that he would restructure his contract to keep Boldin in town. And don’t think for a second that Boldin’s opinion of his contract hasn’t changed since his recent trip to Tampa Bay for Super Bowl XLIII.

It is far too early to be discussing Boldin skipping town to come to Baltimore, or any where for that matter. In fact I garuantee you that Baltimore is the only city discussing Boldin coming to the Ravens.

It might happen it might not, the Ravens definitely need a wide receiver. This season, Derrick Mason was Joe Flacco‘s go to guy this year and Mason is 35 years old and played injured most of the season. But please don’t read stories about Boldin and take them seriously for at least a few weeks. These stories are all the same, Ray Lewis going to Dallas, Terrell Suggs’ “package deal” for Bart Scott, Ray Lewis, and himself, and now the Anquan Boldin over-hype. Let’s wait it out Baltimore.