Its been all over the news, talk radio, message boards, etc. The Ravens inside linebacker of 13 years, Ray Lewis, is the face of this organization, but his contract is up and his next deal will most certainly be his last.

Ray Lewis is the francise name

The story started as a blog post by Mike Preston on the Baltimore Sun’s website. “The speculation is that the Cowboys are willing to give Lewis a three-year deal worth between $27 and $30 million, with $25 million guaranteed,” Preston wrote.

There is no doubt about it, teams will most certainly go after Lewis. If you are a team that is a leader away, or an experienced linebacker away from playing in the Super Bowl why not do it? But I’m telling you now folks, the Cowboys might eventually be interested, but they aren’t right now.

As someone who publishes in the media, but not nearly to the extent of the Baltimore Sun, I can tell you that the Ravens AFC Championship run brought lots of traffic to the news sources. Fans wanted to know everything they could before facing Pittsburgh. Once that was over the numbers took a big hit. So, a big story was needed to bring people back to the websites. I think this was it.

I would never doubt the Sun’s sources, but I will tell you that if the source was Ray Lewis’ agent it would not surprise me and it would make sense. Lewis and his agent want us talking about other deals because they want a big contract.

We’re just 3 days out of the AFC Championship and we’re already talking about Ray’s deal. Given all the problems that the Cowboys have had this year, do you think they are even ready to start thinking of who they want to bring in?

Jerry Jones is also a great target. If Preston wrote that a team like the Chiefs or the Bears wanted Lewis we might question that. But everyone knows that Jerry Jones is a crazy owner who will take risks on players like Pacman Jones or Terrell Owens, so he’s a great scapegoat for this article.

I’m not saying that there is a big conspiracy going on…teams will be interested in Ray Lewis. Fan to fan though, I’m telling you not to worry about this little blog post that has Baltimore going crazy over the thought of losing Ray.