How much did the MLB trade deadline help/hurt your fantasy team?  Let’s take a look at the fantasy impact of each traded player.

Juan Rivera (LAD)- He plays mostly everyday now and has been getting a lot of hits.  If your in a very deep league or an NL only league he isn’t a bad backup OF.  He’s always had pop.  All he needed was playing time.  Expect a low AVG with a couple HR and a nice hit total.  Travis Snider now gets to play everyday in Toronto.  Long term he’s a good guy to have, but he’s still only 23 years old so don’t expect much this year.

Francisco Rodriguez (MIL)- He is no longer the closer.  Axford is.  So cut K-Rod unless holds is one of your categories.

Mark Teahen (TOR)- I’ve always liked Teahen.  Maybe it’s because I like Canadian players.  He will get more playing time in Toronto but will split time with Edwin Encarnacion.  He isn’t a good option anymore.

Edwin Jackson (STL)- Dave Duncan is the best pitching coach in the game so anyone under him sees a boost in ERA.  Jackson will get good run support, his ERA will drop, and he will get you an above average number of K’s, as usual.  If he’s for some reason available I would pick him up.  If you own him be happy about that.

Corey Patterson (STL)- A very good backup outfielder to have.  If an injury were to occur to Berkman, Jay, or Holliday he actually wouldn’t be a bad pickup.

Colby Rasmus (TOR)- I expect Rasmus to be a solid player in the future.  For now he will continue to experience growing pains, especially in a new league.  But we all know about the magic homerun hitting kool aid in Toronto.  Rasmus’ HR total will see a spike.  He will continue to hurt your AVG though.  If he is cut take a chance on him.

Kosuke Fukudome (CLE)- He will get more playing time, but isn’t a good fantasy option.  Low average, no power, mediocre speed.

Carlos Beltran (SF)- His value skyrocketed.  He should see an increase in every offensive category and is now a solid #2 or #3 fantasy outfielder.  I like the park much better for him, and he will certainly be more motivated to play well.  That makes all the difference to me.

Zack Wheeler (NYM)- I do expect to see him in the majors this year.  I think he will put up decent numbers right away.  When he comes up he’s worth a chance.  Expect low run support, a high 3 to low 4 ERA, and just under a K per IP.  His K total will be high in the coming years.

Hunter Pence (PHI)- Possibly the biggest benefiter of any fantasy player.  His numbers are going to be extremely good from here on out.  Your looking at 2nd round caliber numbers.  All of his stats will dramatically increase with the exception of maybe SB.  I like his power in that park, his average will be well over .300, his runs may double, and he will get plenty of RBI chances.

Jerry Hairston Jr (MIL)- Will still serve a utility role.  The numbers should improve slightly with an improved offense, but not even worth a spot in an NL only league.

Mike Aviles (BOS)- I think he will perform well and will catch on as the starter in Boston.  I’m not a fan of Jed Lowrie or Marco Scutaro, and I think Aviles has plenty of upside.  He always has.  Put his high hit total in that deadly offense and you actually have a guy worth owning in most leagues.  At first he will be a utility guy though so I’d wait until he starts to perform to grab him…just in case.

Doug Fister (DET)- He had some of the lowest run support in all of baseball.  No he plays for a team with a nice offense.  That means he will start to win games.  He has good stuff and puts up a low ERA.  If he is available get him now.

Charlie Furbush (SEA)- He will go into the rotation.  Most players seem to pitch well in Seattle and I’m sure he will too.  He probably isn’t worth adding because nobody in Seattle gets any run support or wins.  He will have plenty of ups and downs too.  Won’t be consistent for awhile.

Casper Wells (SEA)- The Towson alum will get more playing time, but still won’t play enough to be worth a fantasy spot.

Jason Marquis (ARI)- He’s very streaky.  When he pitches well he’s good to have, and of course when he doesn’t he is really bad.  The good thing is that he is in a weaker offensive division.  He was also bad at Nationals Park.  Marquis is still worthy of a spot in almost all leagues and has increased his value slightly.

Koji Uehara (TEX)- He’s the 7th inning guy.

Chris Davis (BAL)- Big time power potential in the upcoming seasons.  For now he will just kill your average and struggle against all those good AL East pitchers.

Tommy Hunter (BAL)- He has potential but probably isn’t a good fantasy add for the rest of this year.  It may take him awhile to get used to starting again since he was injured and in the Texas pen.  Plus he has to adapt to the AL East.  Next year he will be a good fantasy end of your rotation guy.  Unless he comes out firing strong I would wait.

Orlando Cabrera (SF)- Will probably platoon.  He is good for some big hits and a great veteran leader.

Derrek Lee (PIT)- He leaves Baltimore on fire and should continue to hit well in that park.  1B is a very important fantasy position and his numbers don’t quite cut it.  Here is where you get the difference between real life and fantasy.  Lee is a great addition to the Pirates lineup, but still remains under par for fantasy standards.

Rafael Furcal (STL)- A good pickup right now.  Shortstop is a very thin position.  Furcal has been heating up as of late, is very productive when healthy, and is hitting at the top of a very good batting order.  He is a steal right now.  Expect a good AVG, plenty of runs, and a nice number of SB.

Brandon Allen (OAK)- He will probably start at 1B for the A’s.  He was starting a good bit in Arizona too since he’s been up.  He isn’t worth a fantasy spot in that big ballpark, but he has the potential to be a decent player.

Erik Bedard (BOS)- Mixed emotions on this one.  Bedard was having a great season before the injury.  I kinda feel like its going to be a bad thing for him to move to a hitters park and face the AL East.  On the other hand he has plenty of experience in the AL East and will get triple the run support he got in Seattle.  So expect the wins to rise, the K’s to be the same, and the ERA to rise too.

Ryan Ludwick (PIT)- Worthy of a #4 backup outfield spot in a deep league.  He will go towards the heart of that order and should produce more than he did in San Diego.  He moves from a park that is tough to hit in to a hitters park.  I expect a low average, and a few more HR and RBI’s than before.

Ubaldo Jimenez (CLE)- I just don’t see his numbers improving any.  Its tough for a pitcher to go from the NL to the AL, especially when they have struggled for most of the season.  Cleveland is not as good as Colorado offensively, so I see his run support and win total dropping too (not that he’s had many wins this year, but 19 last year.)  Don’t fear too much if you own him because he is still a solid pitcher and will have his good outings regardless.  But his value does take a small hit.

Alex White (COL)- He wasn’t happy at all about being traded, but he will be happy when he gets there.  He will love pitching there when he finds out how much run support can be had from guys like Tulo and Cargo.  The Rockies will probably lose more games down the stretch than they have all year, but White is still a good add regardless.  He is coming off injury so be weary.  Expect low wins, mediocre K’s, and a high 3 ERA the rest of this year.  it’s easier for pitchers to go from the AL to the NL.

Jordan Schafer (HOU)- Doesn’t have much offense.  He will get to play everyday now, but still not a good add.

Michael Bourn (ATL)- A must have for speed.  His runs scored will be really high.  He will also pick up a few more RBI than normal.  His SB total will probably stay about the same because he was already running a lot in Houston.  The NL East is filled with good defensive catchers so I don’t expect him to run more than he did.  Still a great player to own.


Mark Brown is “The Fantasy God,”’s Fantasy sports expert.  You can follow him on twitter @mbrown3486.