A very important date every year in the fantasy world is the July 31st trade deadline. The outcomes of the deadline can turn mediocre fantasy players into superstars and some of your best fantasy players into worthless space wasters. The Francisco Rodriguez trade to Milwaukee has already made him worthless to any fantasy owner. Now all of a sudden your #1 closer has to be cut. Lets take a look at some more players who could potentially be dealt and the impacts they would have on your fantasy team.

Jesus Montero (NYY)- The prized catching prospect of the Yankees may have to be dealt if the Yankees want to get an expensive and significant upgrade to their rotation. Since they want to win every year and really don’t care too much about the future, I can see them dealing Montero to a team like Houston, Colorado, or Seattle for a very good arm. If Montero is dealt and becomes a starter he is a must add in fantasy leagues no matter where he is.

Rod Barajas (LAD)- Even if he would be dealt to a contending team it would probably only be in a backup role. No playoff bound team will want Barajas as their starting catcher.

Ivan Rodriguez (WAS)- The problem with the Nationals is that their asking price in trades is always way too high. This is why the White Sox refused to give up Carlos Quentin and Gordon Beckham last year for Adam Dunn and the Nats got nothing in return for him. Already this year it was rumored that the Red Sox were interested in Pudge, but the name Jacoby Ellsbury came up and I’m sure the Red Sox laughed. When the Nationals do make a trade they certainly rip the other team off because of their high demands. This is evident through the Wilson Ramos for Matt Capps deal last year where the Cliff Lee was almost dealt to Minnesota with Ramos being the centerpiece of the deal. After Seattle decided they would rather have Justin Smoak, the Nationals ripped Minnesota off in a deal that they now regret. Especially since Joe Mauer is having problems catching everyday and is converting to new positions. With all of that being said I do not see Ivan Rodriguez being traded even though it would be smart for the Nationals to do so with Wilson Ramos and Jesus Flores both being capable behind the plate. If he was traded he would be a backup.

Carlos Pena (CHC)- He has certainly gained a lot of trade value over the last month or so. Pena is what he is and he will be the same guy no matter where he plays. He will hit a lot of HR and hit for a very low average. Don’t expect anything different. Teams that could be a fit for him are Arizona, LA Angels, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Texas. With all of those suitors I certainly see him being dealt.

James Loney (LAD)- Hard to tell if the Dodgers will give up on him, but they need to have a fire sale, and he needs a change of scenery. He isn’t a guy I would target right away with a new team, but I would certainly keep my eye on him. I do think he could come closer to his ceiling elsewhere. A guy like this wouldn’t just be limited to contenders, he could virtually be dealt anywhere.

Ty Wigginton (COL)- He’s gotten a lot of interest lately, especially from the Giants. I see him being a good fit there and a nice utility fantasy player that can do a little bit of everything. He’s always been a decent guy to own.

Chris Davis (TEX)- He once had 40 HR upside and now he can’t seem to get out of the minors. Guys like this with a high ceiling can really benefit from a change of scenery. If he were dealt elsewhere and was guaranteed a starting role I would think about taking a chance on him. With a short leash of course. He still has massive power. And plenty of teams would probably take a chance on him in a deal that would improve Texas’ chances of winning now.

Derrek Lee (BAL)- I don’t think Lee would really work as a starter for a contending team. So if he is dealt he will be a pinch hitter of the bench like he was with Atlanta last year. He would then have to be cut from all fantasy teams.

Lyle Overbay (PIT)- Same as Lee. He would come off the bench in most situations. He already doesn’t have any fantasy value.

Juan Uribe (LAD)- Much like with SF last year Uribe would have some fantasy value if he were with a contender and playing everyday. A lot of teams could use a guy like him, but only a few could use him as a starter. A reunion with the Giants would work best. If he were to go somewhere like the Yankees he would platoon and wouldn’t be worthy of a spot.

Orlando Cabrera (CLE)- Nice veteran that should be scooped up at the deadline. Not really any fantasy value in any role.

David Wright (NYM)- My honest opinion is that Wright doesn’t get dealt. If he were to be traded then he would have much more value with any other team in baseball. Because the other 29 ballparks wouldn’t work against him. Because he is on the DL right now and has the potential to be dealt I would explore a trade for Wright in your fantasy league. If you can buy him low and need help at 3B then do it.

Aramis Ramirez (CHC)- This is another guy you should buy low on right now. Aramis is usually a good second half player and has put up some decent numbers over the last month or so. He would be a perfect fit with the LA Angels and would put up much better fantasy numbers. Don’t wait for him to get dealt, try to get him now. He shouldn’t be very expensive.

Alberto Callaspo (LAA)- The Angels are looking for an upgrade at 3B and Aramis may be it. Callaspo would be a nice complementary piece for them, but they could also decide to deal him. He is an underrated player who hits for a decent average and does a tiny bit of everything else.

Jose Reyes (NYM)- Its been a big debate, but I think the Mets have to deal Reyes. And where ever he goes he will still put up the same electric numbers that he always puts up. He’s put up those same numbers with great and terrible Mets teams so I’m sure the won’t differ with a new team. Obviously the better the lineup is behind him the more runs he will score and the more RBI he will get. Your not going to be able to trade for him and if you have him you have nothing to worry about.

Ian Desmond (WAS)- He probably isn’t for sale, but he should be. The Nationals have Espinosa who can play SS and Lombardozzi in the minors who is better than Desmond. If the Nationals decide he isn’t their guy it will probably happen in the spring. But the Nats are open to listening to any trade offers and if they would get some nice pieces for Desmond I think they would. I’m not a big fan of his bat and I think he is overachieving in the SB department. He doesn’t necessarily have to be dealt to a contender, anyone could be in. Maybe he would fit in PIttsburgh for some of their farm pieces.

Rafael Furcal (LAD)- He can’t stay healthy, but when he is healthy he can still hit. With Dee Gordon right behind him I think the Dodgers want to move him by the end of July and promote Gordon full time. There are a few teams such as Pittsburgh who could play Furcal full time, but other teams like Boston would use him off the bench. Where he goes completely determines his value. He is the everyday starting SS hitting at the top of the order for a winning team, I would pick him up.

Nick Markakis (BAL)- There have actually been rumors that teams have called about Markakis and he isn’t completely untouchable. Apparently if the team can shed $44 million and get a nice package they could possibly do so. Its a long shot. Obviously his value sky rockets with a new team.

BJ Upton (TB)- The Rays have talked about the idea of moving him since spring. There are plenty of teams that would be interested in him. The front runners could be the Nationals. I don’t think he is a solid fantasy option for anything besides SB no matter where he is.

Carlos Beltran (NYM)- He has had a decent fantasy season and should finish strong on a contending team. Put him in the Angels lineup and he’s a very solid #4 outfielder for your team. If you need OF depth he is a good guy to buy now because his price isn’t very high.

Carlos Lee (HOU)- He always has a slow 1st half and picks it up in the 2nd. He seems to be a quality hitter year after year and I like him a lot on a contending team. Another good player to buy low, hope he gets dealt, and reap the rewards.

Alfonso Soriano (CHC)- Not sure any team wants to pick up his gigantic salary, but if they do he is a good complementary piece to a winning team. His numbers would see a slight boost, but it wouldn’t be anything to go crazy over. He’s still a mediocre #4 OF at best.

Jason Bay (NYM)- Another major salary that probably won’t be picked up. I don’t think Bay’s career is over and I think he still has another solid season left in him. Some of that potential could be reached on a new team.

Josh Willingham (OAK)- He’s picked up a lot of interest lately and rightfully so. Willingham has always been underrated and has always been a good #3 or #4 fantasy OF. The numbers have always been there for him, the problem has always been health. If he leaves that gigantic coliseum and stays healthy with a contender he is guy you want to have to plug in.

Jeff Francoeur (KC)- I see him getting traded and I see him going downhill once he does. His career was flukishly being rejuvenated in KC, but lightning doesn’t strike twice. If you have him I would sell him.

Laynce Nix (WAS)- Underrated player with good power. If he is dealt he has no fantasy value because he will once again come off the bench.

Kosuke Fukudome (CHC)- He would make a decent backup OF on a contending team if they want to take on his salary. With a platoon he has low fantasy value.

Ryan Ludwick (SD)- He still has decent power, but he can’t show it in Petco. A trade would be great for him and would once again make him a decent #4 OF on your team. A reunion with STL would be the best case scenario because LaRussa really knows how to use him.

Vladimir Guerrero (BAL)- May have lost value with his recent broken hand, but he still does have value. He isn’t really a good 2nd half guy so I wouldn’t target him even with a contending team.

Hideki Matsui (OAK)- He may be stuck in Oakland. I’m not sure anybody else would think his offensive numbers are good enough to be a DH. Especially not for a contender. If he is traded he comes off the bench.

Jack Cust (SEA)- Same as Matsui.

Ubaldo Jimenez (COL)- I don’t understand why his name has surfaced recently in trade rumors with the Rockies still being in contention. Obviously he would be the top SP to get on a trade market and would be targeted by the best of the best in a big package. Ubaldo to NYY for Jesus Montero could be a possibility if he is actually being shopped around.

Wandy Rodriguez (HOU)- The Yankees are going to get a good starter and I think it’s going to be Wandy. Once he’s traded Wandy’s value is huge. If there is one piece of advice that you take from this article its to go get Wandy Rodriguez right now. Trade for him. Because once he is a Yankee, or on another contending team, he is a #1 fantasy ace.

Ryan Dempster (CHC)- If he is traded to a contender I want him. His value will increase and so would his statistics. With his no trade clause I’m not really sure how probable it is that he will get traded. So I wouldn’t go trying to buy him right now solely because you think he will get dealt.

Francisco Liriano (MIN)- Now that the Twins are back in contention it’s a long shot that Liriano is dealt, but he still could be. It would take some really good pitching prospects from another contending team to get him. I like him better in MIN than I do with most teams because of the pitcher’s park he is in.

Brandon Beachy (ATL)- The Braves want to promote Julio Teheran right now. Furthermore, they have Mike Minor who they are also high on. With Hanson and Jurrjens being there long term and Tim Hudson still have years left, Beachy is the odd man out. Because of his success this year they could get a good bit for him. So even though they are in contention I see them dealing Beachy and promoting Teheran. I like Beachy so I think he will do fine elsewhere. Eventually the league will catch up with him though and he will start to come down some. But for now the K’s are really high and he is putting up nice numbers.

Derek Lowe (ATL)- See Beachy above. If the Braves get a solid offer for Lowe they may move him instead of Beachy. Rumors are that they have gotten plenty of offers for Lowe. Lowe is a veteran and better in a playoff environment though, so I think Beachy is more likely to be dealt. Lowe would pitch decently no matter where he goes.

Hiroki Kuroda (LAD)- Boston really seems to like him. Kuroda + Boston = must buy. I would explore trade offers for him now. Anyone pitching for Boston has value. He sure has more talent than Andrew Miller and Tim Wakefield at this point.

Carlos Zambrano (CHC)- I think he waives his no trade clause and I think he is traded. I’m not sold on him putting up great numbers, but he should be more run support wherever he goes. I kinda feel like Texas would be a nice fit for him.

Paul Maholm (PIT)- Now that PIT is in first place its doubtful that he gets traded.

Jeremy Guthrie (BAL)- I’m torn on whether Guthrie would be a good end of the rotation guy to lock up, or if he would be a good guy to deal. McPhail has said that if Guthrie is dealt he wants impact pitching for him. In that case I’m in favor of dealing him and seeing if he would come back next year. Guthrie is underrated and would be a solid middle of the rotation guy on a winning staff where he could actually get run support.

Livan Hernandez (WAS)- The Nats love him too much so I don’t see him going anywhere. Plus most of his impressive numbers come at Nationals Park. I don’t see him being as successful elsewhere.

Chris Capuano (NYM)- Mediocre pitcher who wouldn’t really benefit from a trade.
Aaron Harang (SD)- Has only pitched decently because he is pitching in

Bruce Chen (KC)- It baffles me how he still pitches well. He would be a decent end of the rotation guy or long relief on a contender. Minimal fantasy value.

Jeff Francis (KC)- Not a big fan of his inconsistent numbers. Would only target him if he were a Red Sox.

Heath Bell (SD)- Says he would accept a setup role, which is ridiculous. This guy is too good for that. If he is traded he needs to be the closer. But watch this situation closely because if your a Bell owner I know he’s your best closer. It could be rough to lose him from your team. I still wouldn’t trade him though. Just hope he goes somewhere like STL or CWS where he will close and be even more valuable.

Joakim Soria (KC)- Unless its STL or CWS I see him being a setup guy. This is a guy that I would look to trade if you own him.

Matt Capps (MIN)- With the Twins being in contention and wanting a good 1-2 punch at the back of their bullpen I can see them keeping him. Regardless I see Nathan being their closer again very soon. If they do get good offers for him then that’s good for your fantasy team. Unless he is traded I don’t see him getting you more than 3 more saves the rest of the year.