Technology has changed the face of everything on this planet.  Using social media and technology is a must do in order to stay on top of your fantasy league.  Here are a few social media tips that i promise you will find useful in giving your fantasy team a push.

How many days this season have you gotten on to check your team only to find out that one of your players had an off day and a guy on your bench started and produced?  Or have you ever risked leaving a guy in who is day to day hoping that he started that night only to find out that he didn’t?  Or what if you are a person who works at 7 pm and doesn’t get a chance to make sure all of your starters are in the lineup at the deadline each day?  All of this can now be avoided thanks to the invention of Twitter.  For some reason team beat writers have made it a competition to try to be the first one each day to tweet a team’s starting roster.  Use this to your advantage.  A good 6 hours before a game every day you can simply twitter search for a team’s starting lineup.  All you need to do is type “Dodgers lineup” and a number of beat writers will be found with the lineups for a game that starts many hours away.  If you do not have Twitter you can also just Google search “Dodgers lineup” and then choose the option on the left that says “most recently”.

If you don’t have time to search for every single lineup every day here is a very good tip.  There are a few Twitter groups including one called daily lineups that put all these lineups together for you and list them all.  One simple check of this page and you can view every game that is known to them at that time.  The link for them is here.

This may be an overload for most you (that’s why I am the Fantasy God), but what I do is set daily lineups to text my phone.  So 30 times a day I get a text giving me the starting lineup for each game.  That way if I’m driving to work or somewhere where there isn’t a computer I can still make sure all of my starters are playing that night.  If a guy is day to day and is out that night I will know 6 hours in advance and I’ll get them out of there.

If there are certain situations or minors leaguers your watching, keep up on them with Twitter.  Every night I’ve been twitter searching Utley, Teheran, and Jesus Montero.  I saw from beat writers in Philly that Utley was at the game Sunday and will be activated Monday.  So I already made a move to activate Utley for Monday.  I’ve also been searching to see if guys like Montero are rumored to be getting a call up in the next few days.  By doing these things you stay on top of your team and players more than the other guys in the league, so when prospects come up you can jump on them first.  Twitter is a much better tool to use than just plain Google searching because Google will come up with too many bad links while Twitter will usually push the important baseball writers to the top as mostly viewed.

If your league is close you can try creating a private Facebook group where the members in your league can talk trades easier.  Sometimes not everybody knows everyone else which makes trading more difficult.  I am a person who likes to constantly text and talk trades, but if I don’t know a manager i can’t text them.  Since virtually everyone has a Facebook I can email or instant message a manager that I don’t know about trading.  This can only be done if the commissioner creates a group and brings everyone together.  Try it.

Just devote a few more minutes a day to your team by making sure that your starters are in and by checking on a few situations that your watching closely and you will be that much closer to winning a championship.