And the Orioles All-Star is…..Matt Wieters!!!! I said in my All-Star article that Matt Wieters would get in if Russell Martin fell out of the voting.  Russell Martin did fall out of the voting, but he was also selected.  Victor Martinez was shockingly the one snubbed.  Adam Jones can also be selected to be on the All-Star team by the fans on the MLB Final Vote.  So go to right now and vote for AJ!!!

AL Starters:
C- Alex Avila (DET)- Edged out Russell Martin.  Rightfully so
1B- Adrian Gonzalez (BOS)
2B- Robinson Cano (NYY)
3B- Alex Rodriguez (NYY)
SS- Derek Jeter (NYY)
OF- Josh Hamilton (TEX)
OF- Curtis Granderson (NYY)
OF- Jose Bautista (TOR)
DH- David Ortiz (BOS)

AL Reserves:
C- Matt Wieters (BAL)
C- Russell Martin (NYY)
1B- Miguel Cabrera (DET)
2B- Howie Kendrick (LAA)
3B- Adrian Beltre (TEX)
SS- Asdrubal Cabrera (CLE)
OF- Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS)
OF- Michael Cuddyer (MIN)
OF- Matt Joyce (TB)
OF- Carlos Quentin (CWS)
UTIL- Michael Young (TEX)

AL Pitchers:
SP- Josh Beckett (BOS)
SP- Felix Hernandez (SEA)
SP- David Price (TB)
SP- James Shields (TB)
SP- Justin Verlander (DET)
SP- Jered Weaver (LAA)
SP- CJ Wilson (TEX)
SP- Gio Gonzalez (OAK)
RP- Aaron Crow (KC)
RP- Brandon League (SEA)
RP- Chris Perez (CLE)
RP- Mariano Rivera (NYY)
RP- Jose Valverde (DET)

NL Starters:
C- Brian McCann (ATL)
1B- Prince Fielder (MIL)- Beat out Pujols down the stretch.
2B- Rickie Weeks (MIL)
3B- Placido Polanco (PHI)
SS- Jose Reyes (NYM)- Surprisingly passed Tulo in the final days
OF- Lance Berkman (STL)
OF- Ryan Braun (MIL)
OF- Matt Kemp (LAD)- Passed Holliday.  Should have gotten the most votes.

NL Reserves:
C- Yadier Molina (STL)
1B- Joey Votto (CIN)
1B- Gaby Sanchez (FLA)
2B- Brandon Phillips (CIN)
3B- Chipper Jones (ATL)
SS- Starlin Castro (LAD)
SS- Troy Tulowitzki (COL)
OF- Jay Bruce (CIN)
OF- Matt Holliday (STL)
OF- Hunter Pence (HOU)
OF- Justin Upton (ARI)

NL Pitchers:
SP- Roy Halladay (PHI)
SP- Matt Cain (SF)
SP- Cole Hamels (PHI)
SP- Jair Jurrjens (ATL)
SP- Clayton Kershaw (LAD)
SP- Cliff Lee (PHI)
SP- Tim Lincecum (SF)
SP- Ryan Vogelsong (SF)
RP- Tyler Clippard (WAS)
RP- Heath Bell (SD)
RP- Joel Hanrahan (PIT)
RP- Jonny Venters (ATL)
RP- Brian Wilson (SF)

The American League looks pretty good.  Of course Jeter has no business being on the team this year.  All of the reserves are the guys I chose except for Russell Martin and Carlos Quentin.  I had Adam Jones over Quentin.  Adam Lind was also bumped.  The pitching is a little questionable with David Price and CJ Wilson on the team.  Price has not had a great season and Ron Washington chose his own pitcher over a number of other deserving guys.  He even chose his own guy over his other guy that was better.  Of course I’m talking about Alexi Ogando who is much more deserving than Wilson.  Aaron Crow is a surprise selection, but worthy of the spot.  Kyle Farnsworth should have been an automatic, but somehow Brandon League made it over him.  The NL didn’t do as well.  Bochey went crazy for his own pitchers.  The biggest screw job this year is Ryan Vogelsong over Tommy Hanson.  Ian Kennedy also should be on the team over Matt Cain, but at least he is on the Final Vote.  Chipper Jones at 3B?  Really?  I said 3B was bad, but not that bad.  Both Sandoval and Aramis have better numbers in everything than Chipper does.  I don’t care that he’s 57 years old and gets one more appearance.  I’m glad two very good relievers in Clippard and Venters made the team, but not over Kimbrel.  The NL rookie of the year deserves to be on the team.  So now you can head to and vote for the Final Vote to get 2 more guys in.  The AL candidates are Alex Gordon, Adam Jones, Paul Konerko, Victor Martinez, and Ben Zobrist.  Although Konerko was screwed for the second straight year, and V-Mart was snubbed for terrible Russell Martin, you should still vote for Adam Jones.  In the NL its Andre Ethier, Todd Helton, Ian Kennedy, Michael Morse, and Shane Victorino.  When you look at overall numbers Michael Morse is the best offensively and Ian Kennedy should have been on the NL team regardless.  Can I do a write in vote for Tommy Hanson?  Go Matt Wieters.  2011 All-Star Game MVP!