It’s that point in the season that you need to start stacking your team for the championship.  Continue to acquire better talents with your depth.  It’s entirely possible to put together a team with multiple first round talents on it.  Do this and you’ll have a serious shot to win it all.  Watch for good players who gain multiple eligibility.  I quickly traded for Adrian Gonzalez a few weeks back to be able to start him in the outfield.  Eric Hosmer may soon gain outfield eligibility.  He has tremendous value as an outfielder, as does Kendrys Morales, and Bryan LaHair.  Although LaHair will only play against right handed hitters until he’s traded away at the deadline.  Last week I spoke of Will Middlebrooks possibly gaining other eligibility.  That no longer appears to be the case.  Keep watching for weird situations throughout the season that give guys value in other spots.  For now, let’s look at the good pickups this week.

Devin Mesoraco (C, CIN)- He hit a bomb on national television on Sunday night baseball.  Once he plays everyday he becomes an elite catcher.  The guy is only a rookie and has a lot of power for his position.

Paul Goldschmidt (1B, ARI)- He’s been good over the last week or so.  He has tremendous upside to eventually be an elite 1B.  Anytime that he goes on a tear he’s worth adding.  Eventually the hot streak will become consistency and he will become fantasy gold.  Your looking at an upper-tier Mark Teixeira like hitter.

Ike Davis (1B, NYM)- Showing some signs of life.  You have to cut him a break because of the ridiculous health he’s had this season.  The guy had Valley Fever.  That’s something most of us physically can’t even acquire because geographically we don’t live in the right area.  Every time a guy comes off a big injury they seem to take awhile to get right.  Giancarlo Stanton came off of a knee problem and didn’t hit any HR’s in April.  Davis is taking an entire half to recover from symptoms that left him unable to to get out of bed.  Eventually he will put it together and put up nice fantasy numbers.

Allen Craig (1B/2B/OF, STL)- He may not be available in your league, but he’s hitting very well.  He’s going to continue to carry an average over .300 with some power and speed.  The eligibility makes him very valuable.

Brian Roberts (2B, BAL)- You never know what he’s going to do.  You never know if he’s going to stay healthy.  But hitting atop of a nice hitting lineup with a proven track record is a good thing to target.  If your desperate at 2B go ahead and take a chance on B-Rob.  We know he can hit at or near .300.  We know that he used to be able to steal bases.  We know that his runs scored has the chance to be elite.  Not a bad option if you need help.

Zack Cozart (SS, CIN)- He’s had a rookie like season.  Mainly because he’s a rookie.  He will continue to have ups and downs.  Right now he’s in an upswing.  Eventually he will slump again.  Grab him right now if your SS is bad and you want to ride someone hot.

Alfonso Soriano (OF, CHC)- Revitalized.  He just keeps on hitting homers.  I really like him because he has the chance to be dealt to a contender at the deadline.  I don’t see any reason why he would stop hitting this year.  A great power bat for your lineup.

Alex Presley (OF, PIT)- He’s playing everyday.  That’s the main thing that matters.  I like this guy.  He can do a little bit of everything.  He should hit for average and could eventually be a 20/20 guy.

Brennan Boesch (OF, DET)- His name has come up a lot this year.  He’s too good to not hit.  If you see him on a hot streak pick him up.

Colby Rasmus (OF, TOR)- Hasn’t reached his potential yet.  He’s doing some good things lately though.  Grab him while he’s hot.

Ben Revere (OF, MIN)- A good option for steals.  He’s very quick.  He’s playing everyday right now too.

Norichika Aoki (OF, MIL)- I’ve also talked about him a lot this year.  Former batting champion in Japan.  I’ve always said that he will have fantasy value once he plays everyday.  Now he’s playing everyday because Corey Hart has moved to 1B.  Since then he’s been doing a little bit of everything.  He’s even hitting homers.  Don’t expect that part of it to continue much longer.

Will Myers (OF, KC)- Pick him up when he’s called up.  It could be any day now.  He is the top hitting OF prospect left since Harper and Trout are in the majors.  Expect him to be a poor man’s version of those two.  Which is still pretty good.

Clay Buchholz (SP, BOS)- Remember how I told you to pick him up last week?  Then he threw a complete game shut out against the Orioles.  He has arrived as a guy you can count on for awhile.  He fixed his changeup after Josh Beckett showed him a new grip.  Anytime a guy has a mechanical change, and it leads to success, he’s someone you want.

Wade Miley (SP, ARI)- He’s been great all year.  When will it end?  I don’t know.  Just pick him up and ride it.

Garrett Richards (SP, LAA)- A top prospect for the Angels.  And a two starter this week.  I see him putting up nice numbers and being a consistent member of their rotation for the rest of the year.  His strikeout can be close to a K/IP.  That’s huge for fantasy.

Bartolo Colon (SP, OAK)- Most people have cut him after his struggles in the month of May.  He is back on a nice streak again.  Plus he pitches twice this week.  He’s bounced back so you should add him.

Francisco Liriano (SP, MIN)- He looks more like the pitcher you thought he would be.  He’s pitching decent, getting lots of K’s, and throwing quality starts.  I don’t think he can help you too much in wins, but he can give you everything else.

Nathan Eovaldi (SP, LAD)- Becoming a consistent young part of their rotation.  It’s young guys like these that eventually turn into guys like Gio Gonzalez, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Mat Latos.  Young fire throwers with high upside.

Kyle Kendrick (SP, PHI)- Two starter this week.  Has pitched well recently.  Decent end of the rotation guy.

Trevor Bauer (SP, ARI)- He has nothing left to prove in the minors.  The problem is that there is nowhere for him in the current D-Backs rotation.  As soon as there is any sort of opening he will be up.  And he will be a must have.

Danny Hultzen (SP, SEA)- Keep an eye on him.  He is dominating AA right now.  If the Mariners decide to put Kevin Millwood on the DL or demote Blake Beavan he could come up as early as this week.  If neither of those things happen he should be heading to AAA.  Once he is called up he is also a must have.  He and Bauer were both high draft picks in last year’s draft.

Brandon League (CL, SEA)- He’s supposed to get his closers job back soon.  So if your hurting for a closer go ahead and grab him now.