For weeks I’ve made Will Middlebrooks the main topic of discussion in these articles.  Now that Youk is gone, he’s on his own.  Those of you who listened can now sit back and enjoy his top 40 numbers.  Who do you pick up this week?

Wilin Rosario (C, COL)- He’s staying serviceable.  There are a lot of nights that he goes 0’fer, but when he does hit he either puts up multiple hits or HR’s.  He’s a decent guy to own if you’ve been injury plagued at catcher this year.

Brandon Belt (1B/OF, SF)- My boy is back!  How long did I spend praising this guy in the off season just to see Bochy decide to never play him?  Well now he’s playing.  And he’s hitting homers.  Lots of homers.  Plus he can hit for average and steal bases.  I’m a big Belt believer.  So of course I think he can sustain this play the rest of the year.

Anthony Rizzo (1B, CHC)- He’s coming up.  He destroyed minor league pitching.  But then again, he’s done that in the past too and then struggled in the majors.  This time around he should start hitting.  The difference is that he’s finally away from Petco Park.  Wrigley should be kind to him.  He’s a very good rookie to add now and hope that he has an immediate impact.  Very high ceiling and upside.

Chris Nelson (2B/3B COL)- The Rockies are famous for having nobody infielders become decent fantasy options.  Anyone can hit there.  Nelson has value because he’s eligible at the weakest fantasy position there is…2B.  He does a little bit of everything.  He’s not a superstar, but he will be serviceable for fantasy.

Aaron Hill (2B, ARI)- He did this at the beginning of the season too.  It’s called a hot streak.  Get him for about another week before the streak is over.  After that he returns to normalcy.

Mike Moustakas (3B, KC)- He has arrived as a good major league player.  Mous was a very high pick in the draft and has the ceiling to become an elite 3B in the league.  His season numbers are pretty good and he should be owned.  Eventually he can put up numbers comparable to guys like Ryan Zimmerman and Alex Rodriguez (now…not 5 years ago.)

Mark Reynolds (3B/1B, BAL)- Does he have 3 HR in the last 2 weeks?  Do you need more power?  Do you not care if you obliterate your average?  Then he’s your guy.  Take his HR’s and suffer with everything else.

Colby Rasmus (OF, TOR)- He’s on fire.  And this streak has put his numbers right up there with the league leaders.  He’s always had a high ceiling so it’s good to finally see him break out.  Based on the ceiling, and the season totals, he’s good for the rest of the year.  Of course he will go through his slumps like everyone else though.

Quintin Berry (OF, DET)- I’m impressed with his high spot in the order, playing time, and speed.  He can be a very nice contributor in average, runs, and stolen bases.

Tyler Moore (OF, WAS)- If Ryan Zimmerman heads back to the DL expect Moore to play everyday in left field.  In that case he finally has value.  Moore was a 30 HR guy in the minors.

John Mayberry (OF/1B, PHI)- It looks like he’s starting to be an everyday player.  In that case, I like him as a 4th or utility OF.  He may hurt your average, but he has above average power.

Jason Kubel (OF, ARI)- He’s been pretty streaky all year.  He’s hot right now.  Even when he’s bad streaky he can still sustain a decent average.  When he’s hot he hits a lot of HR’s all at once.

Roy Oswalt (SP, TEX)- Doubtful that he’s still available.  But if he is, get him now.  He’s back and his first start was very good.  He’s not going to lose many games pitching in Texas.

Trevor Bauer (SP, ARI)- Here he comes.  Bauer is making his debut this week.  He should immediately be added to your team.  I expect Bauer to succeed right away and compete for the Rookie of the Year award.  He’s a must have.

Jarrod Parker (SP, OAK)- IF he’s still available he shouldn’t be  The rookie has been pretty dominant this year in that monstrous park.  He should be owned in all leagues.

Nathan Eovaldi (SP, LAD)- I like him for the long haul.  He’s a young, high upside, high K guy, that will turn into an ace in a few years.  He reminds me of other guys when they were young like Gio Gonzalez, Mat Latos, Max Scherzer, and Ubaldo Jimenez.  These kind of guys turn into high K fantasy studs.

Jair Jurrjens (SP, ATL)- Looked like his old self in his first start back.  Trust in him.  He’s too good to not bounce back to his old form.  Pick him up if he’s still there.

Garrett Richards (SP, LAA)- He’s still good.  3/4 quality starts so far with a nice K total.  Plus he plays for a high scoring team.  I trust him to stay on my roster the rest of the season as long as he stays on the roster.

Ross Detwiler (SP, WAS)- He got his starting spot back from Chien Ming Wang.  And rightfully so.  He never did anything bad to deserve losing his spot.  Detwiler is a solid, former 1st round pick, high K pitcher, that plays for a winning team.

Justin Masterson (SP, CLE)- Welcome back Masterson.  Where did you go for half of the year?  He wasn’t very impressive…and now he is.  Complete game in his last outing.  Masterson was the opening day starter and has the ceiling to be ace like if he can stay consistent.

Justin Grimm (SP, TEX)- You gotta love it when a guy has a quality start in his first outing, and 7 K’s, and plays for the best offense in the league.  I’m really not sure what to expect out of him, but he’s certainly worth the risk.

Chris Archer (SP, TB)- His major league debut looked good.  He is a high K guy.  K/IP in the minors.  He was a K/IP in his first start as well.  He is a two starter this week.  He was TB’s #1 pitching prospect (after Matt Moore was promoted) so he has tons of upside as does every TB prospect.

Brett Anderson (SP, OAK)- He’s throwing off the mound after last year’s Tommy John surgery.  Anderson was becoming a legit #1 ace.  He should return after the All-Star break.  Stash him on your DL now.  When he first comes back I’m sure his innings will be limited, but he should be able to pitch 6 innings or longer in time for your playoffs.

Dillon Gee (SP, NYM)- You can’t argue 7 straight quality starts.  I don’t trust him much, but he’s producing.

Travis Wood (SP, CHC)- I’ve always been a Travis Wood guy.  He’s a solid pitcher.  And he’s throwing quality starts.  He’s also a two starter this week.

Brett Cecil (SP, TOR)- Had a good year in the minors.  And he’s had nothing but good starts in the majors so far.  He’s a solid end of the rotation type guy who can occasionally give you some high K’s.

Michael Fiers (SP, MIL)- Both of his starts have been very good.  His ERA is very low and his K’s are pretty high.  Which is surprising because he doesn’t throw very hard.  So far so good.

Travis Blackley (SP, OAK)- I like this guy a lot.  I like his story too.  An Australian pitcher that has made appearances in 2004, 2007, and 2012.  He’s a good comeback story and is pitching well right now.  Then again, anybody can pitch in Oakland.  Regardless, he’s producing and even threw 8 innings of 6 K ball in his last start.  He’s also a two starter this week.

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