Feel free to post any comments or questions here regarding your fantasy football playoffs. Here are a few notes for this week:

Matt Ryan- Hopefully you didn’t bench him on Thursday night.  I personally could not trust him this week based on how he peaked the last few weeks.  I thought the game vs JAC would be one where ATL would do nothing but run the ball.  So if you benched him don’t feel too bad because I also did.  From here on out I would roll with him though.  He may have legitimately arrived as one of the best QB’s in the league.  He may now be near the same level as Rodgers, Brees, and Brady.

Tim Tebow- I look for Tebow to have a huge week.  NE’s secondary is awful and Rex Grossman torched them last week.  I think Tebow will not only throw for a normal amount of QB yards, but he will also rush for over 100 yards.  If Tebow is your fantasy QB you have to live or die by him.  Don’t be afraid to start him this week.  If he doesn’t produce then I will be shocked, and I’ll also gladly take my playoff elimination.

Michael Vick- He returned to practice on Thursday and it looks like he’s good to go this weekend.  It should be a tough high scoring matchup this week against NYJ, so I would definitely start your 1st round pick.

Jake Locker- If Matt Hasselbeck is out then Locker is a “lock” this week.  Get it?  Locker has looked great in relief and is ready to be an above average NFL QB.  Not only do I see him producing this week, but I also see him producing for the rest of his long career.  He is a legit player and someone you need to think about keeping in a keeper league.  He can be elite someday.

TJ Yates- If your desperate for a QB I would try to shy away from Yates.  I know he produced the last 2 weeks, but I don’t see it happening this week.  A third string rookie who has overachieved really scares me in the playoffs.

Ben Roethlisberger- He’s a game time decision.  The problem is that his game is Monday night.  The risk is much too high, so I would find another option.  Perhaps Locker?

John Skelton/Kevin Kolb- It’s still up in the air which of these 2 guys will start.  I wouldn’t risk it in the playoffs.  There are better mid-level options out there this week.  Rex Grossman is a better bet than either of these guys.

Matt Moore- It looks like he might play this week….if your desperate.

Wide Receivers:
Calvin Johnson- It’s time for him to explode.  I honestly think that having him on your team this week will carry you through to the next round.  There is no way that he is shut out of the end zone for a third straight game.  Don’t even think about benching him.

Percy Harvin- He’s been the best fantasy WR over the past few weeks.  Keep starting him.  He is low risk high reward at this point.  Live or die by him.  If his hot streak ends then accept your loss.  You have no choice but to trust him.

Brandon Lloyd- A lot of people have asked me about benching him.  I wouldn’t.  He is a top 3 guy in targets every single week.  That means he can explode for a huge game at any point.  I think he’s due to score again after not scoring the last 2 games.

Dez Bryant/Miles Austin/Laurent Robinson- They all scored last week.  That won’t happen again.  The matchup with TB worries me a little this week.  TB is one of those mystery teams that you can’t predict.  If anything I think Robinson is the one guy to worry about.  Robinson’s targets went down last week now that Austin returned.  I know Robinson still had a huge game, but that’s due to end at some point with limited attempts.  I’d still start Dez and Miles this week though.  At least one of them will score and the other will have at least nice yardage.

Jabar Gaffney- Really like him again this week.  He is getting all the receptions that Fred Davis used to get.

James Jones/Donald Driver- Does someone have to step up now that Jennings is out?  Not really.  I think GB’s offense will take a big hit this week as they put up less points than normal.  It will still be enough points for them to beat KC, but I don’t see anyone’s numbers taking a dramatic leap.

Jeremy Maclin- He was a top-tier guy early in the season.  Now he’s been injured for awhile, and even when he did play he left early.  So this will surprise you.  If Maclin plays (and it looks like he will) start him.  Maclin is still incredibly good.  And because of his recent injury situation I can see the Jets putting Revis on DeSean Jackson instead.  Which means Maclin scores this week.  Time for him to come back with a vengeance.

Demaryius Thomas- Start him.  He is Tebow’s favorite target, and as I said above, Tebow could have an epic week.

Running Backs-
Ray Rice- He’s going to have another big game.  Expect him to help carry you on.

Adrian Peterson- Looks like he will play, but that’s not for sure yet.  I look for Peterson to come back with a vengeance and score at least once.

Roy Helu- I see him as a RB#1 nowadays.  Which makes him a must start against everyone.  Look what he even did against the Jets tough run defense.

Felix Jones- The big question of the week.  Can you trust him?  Sure you can.  The problem with him in the past is that he wasn’t the only featured back.  Now he is.  So start him.  Any RB can produce in the NFL if they get their shot.

Beanie Wells- Time for him to bounce back with another big game.  He has a very easy match up against CLE.

CJ Spiller- You can’t trust him in the playoffs.  If he’s in your starting lineup your probably not strong enough to win the championship.

Ryan Grant- See CJ Spiller

LaGarrette Blount- Aside from the fumbles he’s produced most of the weeks since he’s been back.  He’s a decent RB#2/Flex spot guy.  He could reach at least 80 yds with a TD this week.

Ryan Mathews- Everyone is worried about him against the Ravens.  Why?  He’s been great the last few weeks.  Even if he can’t run the ball as effectively as normal he will still get catches.  Rivers will have to throw him the ball underneath against the Ravens.  I can see this game being high scoring which is good news for owners of Mathews and all other players in the game.  Start him.  Stop worrying.

Tight Ends:
Jermichael Finley- The only guy that has a chance to see increased numbers because of Jennings’ absence is Finley.  But he’s really never reached potential, so he’s not the greatest guy to have to put faith in.

Jake Ballard- He’s a good start this week.  I can see him scoring against WAS.  The skins aren’t that great against TE’s.  Gronkowski scored 2 times against them last week.  But then again, he scores 2 times against everyone.

Ed Dickson/Dennis Pitta- Just avoid them both.  It’s either low yardage or low yardage and a TD for them.  That’s called high risk, low reward.  That’s something you always want to avoid in fantasy.