Drafting a team defense is tricky. Even if you target one of the top defenses in the league it’s not a good idea to let them sit there and start every single week all year. You have to play your defense against good matchups more than any other position. After the bottom feeder teams are established, or the teams with really bad QB’s, its smart to target the defenses playing them. I talked in a previous article about a good defensive strategy that will help you be set for the entire season. Check out that article, because it really is a winning strategy. Here are my top ranked defensive teams for the entire season.

1. Green Bay
2. Pittsburgh
3. New York Jets
4. Philadelphia
5. Baltimore
6. Chicago
7. New Orleans
8. New England
9. Atlanta
10. San Diego
11. New York Giants
12. Kansas City
13. Tampa Bay
14. Dallas
15. Detroit
16. San Francisco
17. Arizona
18. Cleveland
19. Minnesota
20. Oakland
21. Washington
22. Houston
23. Miami
24. St. Louis
25. Indianapolis
26. Seattle
27. Jacksonville
28. Tennessee
29. Denver
30. Carolina
31. Cincinnati
32. Buffalo

You can’t go wrong with any of the top teams. They are all winning teams, they all score a lot of points and keep their defenses off the field, and they all have great individual defensive players. Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New York Jets, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Chicago are all in a league of their own. Any of them are good to have.

After those big 6 you have more winnings teams, that also score a lot of points to keep their defenses off the field, but aren’t as great with individual defensive players. They still have good players, every team does, but they aren’t in the same league as the elite teams. These teams are New Orleans, New England, Atlanta, San Diego, New York Giants, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Detroit. Yes I think all of those teams will be good this season. Atlanta really intrigues me because they are such a well balanced team. I can see their defense being a big sleeper. Kansas City and Tampa are further up my list then where they are typically drafted. They both have good young teams with underrated defenses who can put up some nice points during good matchups.

San Francisco and Arizona are good defenses to have because of their weak division. When teams like this play each other their defenses have the most to gain. San Fran has the best individual defensive player in the game, Willis, so they can explode for points any week. But because their offense is horrendous they are forced to be on the field too much. Therefore they give up too many points.

Cleveland, Minnesota, Oakland, and Washington are underrated defenses. They all are good options only during good matchups. Cleveland is a great add when they play Cincinnati twice. Washington has a weak schedule and will have a few good weeks worth having.

I don’t really think the rest of the teams are worth ever getting. Unless they have a surprise fantasy breakout season like Kansas City did last year then forget them. Unless Carolina or Tennessee if really really bad and one of them play a team like that don’t ever touch them.

It’s really not smart to stick with one team every single week. Carry two defensive spots and prepare for future weeks. Its the best way to go. Just play it by matchups. If your lucky enough to draft Green Bay or another top defense, then feel comfortable rolling with them during most weeks. But there will still be some weeks where it is smarter to go with a team with a better matchup.

That’s it for the positional rankings. I’ll continue with fantasy football stuff all season. There will be plenty of ask forums where you can ask questions about who to add, trade, or start. Good luck with your drafts and seasons.