There are so many good WR’s. The problem with them in the fantasy world is usually the QB that is throwing to them. Even the most talented guys will take fantasy hits if they don’t have anyone throwing to them. This position typically hasn’t the longest NFL life and the good ones can stay good for close to a decade. So there are plenty of familiar names on the this list plus a handful of breakout stars.

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Andre Johnson
3. Larry Fitzgerald
4. Roddy White
5. Greg Jennings
6. Vincent Jackson
7. Mike Wallace
8. Dez Bryant
9. Hakeem Nicks
10. Reggie Wayne
11. Jeremy Maclin
12. Percy Harvin
13. Brandon Marshall
14. Miles Austin
15. Anquan Boldin
16. Dwayne Bowe
17. Mike Willams (TB)
18. DeSean Jackson
19. Brandon Lloyd
20. Marques Colston
21. Chad Ochocinco
22. Santonio Holmes
23. Julio Jones
24. Michael Crabtree
25. Mario Manningham
26. Stevie Johnson
27. Wes Welker
28. Hines Ward
29. Austin Collie
30. Danario Alexander
31. Lance Moore
32. Kenny Britt
33. Santana Moss
34. Sidney Rice
35. Pierre Garcon
36. Danny Amendola
37. Steve Smith (Car)
38. Johnny Knox
39. Plaxico Burress
40. Jordy Nelson
41. Davone Bess
42. Lee Evans
43. Steve Smith (PHI)
44. Arrelious Benn
45. Malcolm Floyd
46. Roy Williams
47. Mike Thomas
48. Mike Sims-Walker
49. AJ Green
50. Emmanuel Sanders
51. Anthony Armstrong
52. Antonio Brown
53. Torrey Smith
54. Jerome Simpson
55. Jordan Shipley
56. Braylon Edwards
57. Mike Williams (SEA)
58. Robert Meachem
59. Derrick Mason
60. Jacoby Ford

Right off the bat I have a change. Calvin Johnson is my #1 WR because he is the most talented WR in the game. Plus Matt Stafford will continue to improve and will be hitting Calvin for big TD’s a lot this year. He is a safer option than Andre Johnson, who can’t seem to stay healthy. Because Andre is in a high powered offense with a great QB throwing to him, he is still near the top of the board. Larry Fitzgerald has the best QB he’s had throwing to him since Kurt Warner. When Warner was there Larry was splitting catches with Anquan Boldin. That is not the case with Kolb. Fitz will be his only real target which puts him at #3 on the board. Roddy White is solid. Always has been. He is a safe pick. Rounding out my top 5 is Greg Jennings. When you are Aaron Rodger’s #1 target you are one of the 5 best in the league. Jennings is typically ranked under a handful of the guys who i have behind him, making him a good bargain.

Vincent Jackson on a full season is a great pick. Mike Wallace will continue to improve and be a deep threat. Dez Bryant is better than Miles Austin. Austin is typically drafted over Bryant, which is a mistake. Bryant should find a little more consistency this year making him a great pick. Hakeem Nicks is good, but overachieved slightly last year. I think his numbers dip a little bit. Reggie Wayne has been declining over the last few seasons but is still good. He is still the best target in Indy too.

Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin are breakout candidates. Both of them are being drafted much lower than where I have them ranked. Its time for them both to become elite #1 guys on their team. DeSean Jackson is being drafted before Maclin this year so don’t make that mistake. I would pass of DeSean and target Maclin.

Brandon Marshall and Anquan Boldin are ranked a little low. Both of them have been too good and pretty consistent to be ranked where they are. I see them as great values who should both have bounce back seasons.

Dwayne Bowe, Mike Williams, and Brandon Lloyd are overrated. All of them put up better numbers last year then they will this year. Avoid them all. Colston is a good value and is ranked much lower than where I have him. Why would Drew Brees number one target be drafted below guys like Kenny Britt who has no QB?

Ochocinco Ochocinco Ochocinco. What to do about this guy. He is a puzzle this year. A true unknown. You might as well just avoid him and thus avoid the headache. I’d rather have the young guns Julio Jones or Michael Crabtree anyways. Both of them are breakout candidates and would look very nice in your #3 WR spot. Crabtree can be drafted very late and is pretty high up my board for his average draft position. I know he doesn’t really have a QB throwing to him, but he will find a way to put up some numbers. He probably won’t be consistent, but he will have his weeks.

Hines Ward intrigues me because he has always been good and dropped big time this year in the draft. I just think he has too much left in the tank. He looks amazing sitting in a #3 WR hole. Danario Alexander is a huge gamble this year. I have him extremely high for where he is being drafted. He has little risk and a whole lot of upside. He has tremendous talent and could easily break out to be this year’s Brandon Lloyd. Which means he could be a top 10 WR. Or he could get injured for the 50th time. Or he could not even make the team. For where he is being drafted I say he is worth the risk. Take a late chance on him. If he breaks out your in the playoffs. If he is again injured then just cut him. I like him better than Danny Amendola. And I like Danny Amendola.

Johnny Knox seems like a good bargain. He produced too good last year to be ranked as low as he is being drafted. Plaxico Burress will probably frustrate owners. Jordy Nelson has low risk high reward. I don’t see much consistency out of him though, and it should be tough to know when to start him.

Benn, AJ Green, and Emmanuel Sanders have the chance to breakout. They are good guys to stash on your bench and wait and see what they do. Again, little risk high reward. I also have Antonio Brown on my board. Pittsburgh really likes him and he could end up being their #3 WR. If he is he is a good pick. Worth a next to last round pick. Your last round has to be a kicker…duh.

I like Torrey Smith Ravens fans. He won’t be consistent, but he will produce some. I like the Bengals WR corp too. Green, Simpson, and Shipley could all be good. I said could. Because they won’t be. Because they have no QB. But someone has to catch TD’s there on an inconsistent basis.

Running backs tomorrow. Lots of surprises. Ravens fans will really like my order…..