Well I can’t start off this week by saying that Albert Pujols still has zero home runs.  But I can officially say that the Orioles are the best team in baseball.  That’s all that needs to be said.

Here are some good pickups this week.  Please note that most of these pickups are for deep leagues.  Obviously if someone like Giancarlo Stanton were cut for some reason, you need to pick them up before other guys on this list.  I know of some people who add the people on this list over guys who shouldn’t be available in the first place.  If your in an 8 team league there are probably better players out there.  If your in a 12 team league, this is for you.

Carlos Ruiz (PHI)- He’s a streaky hitter.  Right now he’s red hot.  I don’t see him being great long term, but for the short term he’s an offensive boost.  He can however hit for average long term.  Don’t expect the power numbers to continue.

Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)- He was cut in a lot of leagues.  He also had a hot week this past week.  The season is still young, and so is he.  He’s got a massive power ceiling, and started to show life last week.

Ike Davis (NYM)- I notice that he’s been cut in a lot of leagues over the last few weeks.  He’s not hot right now, and I’m not predicting that he will get hot immediately.  I just simply like him.  He’s too good of a player to be unowned.  So pick him up.  Eventually it will pay off.

Will Middlebrooks (BOS)- His first major league home run was a grandslam.  He’s looking like the real deal to me.  Originally I thought he would be a good pickup until Youkilis came back.  Now I’m starting to think that he could be a fantasy contributor and starter all year.

Mark Reynolds (BAL)- He’s streaky.  And when he gets hot he hits a lot of HR’s at once.  He just started a hot streak.  Grab him and ride it out.

Alex Liddi (SEA)- Check out the article I did on emergency fantasy 3B’s for information on Liddi.

Jed Lowrie (HOU)- He’s a good hitter.  I don’t see a reason why he can’t hit near .300 all year.  Plus he has a little power and speed.  He’s also eligible at multiple positions.

Carlos Quentin (SD)- He just started his rehab assignment.  He obviously has massive power.  Petco could hurt his power somewhat, but I do like how he will be playing in his hometown.  I see him being motivated.  He should return this week and can boost anyone’s power numbers.

Cameron Maybin (SD)- He was off to a slow start, but he’s starting to pick it up.  His stolen base total is already respectable.  He could be a decent value if someone cut him.

Jon Jay (STL)- He’s decent at everything.  And he does a little bit of everything.  He won’t hit 20 homers and he won’t steal 20 bases.  But he will give you a little of both.  He’s the kind of guy that will give you a little bit of something on a daily basis.

Denard Span (MIN)- He’s hitting over .300.  He seems to be a typical high average guy.  He can also add runs and steals.  I like him because I hear his name coming up in trade rumors again.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Nationals make a play for him now that Jayson Werth is injured.  If he goes to a contender he could have sleeper value.

Rick Ankiel (WAS)- Hang with me here.  Ankiel will probably see regular playing time due to the Werth injury.  He still has plenty of power left.  I only recommend taking a chance on him in very deep leagues if your hurting with power.  He has been making good contact and is swinging a hot bat right now.

Johnny Damon (CLE)- He’s hitting leadoff in a pretty decent lineup.  He can still hit a couple homers, and give you a couple multi hit games.  The run total should be solid too.

Tony Campana (CHC)- Those of you who got my cheat sheet this season can see what I think about this guy.  If he would play everyday he would probably lead the league in steals.  He’s starting to play more and more.  Even if he doesn’t play everyday he’s worth owning for his stolen base total.  Plug him in when he’s in the lineup and when you need speed.

Drew Smyly (DET)- Love what he’s done so far.  He’s a rookie, he’s not giving up runs, and he’s a K/IP.  Plus he will always get a ton of run support.

Felipe Paulino (KC)- A strikeout machine.  Why?  I don’t really know.  But he is.  Last year in his final 4 games he had an 11, 9, and 8 K game.  He just returned from injury this season.  And he went 6 IP 0 ER 6 K….against the Yankees offense.  Pick him up!

James McDonald (PIT)- Remember how I told everyone to pick him up last week as a two starter?  Did you?  I sure hope so.  He dominated.  His K’s are high.  He’s looking like he’s going to break out and be the ace of the Pirates.

Jerome Williams (LAA)- Remember how I told everyone to pick him up last week as s two starter?  Did you?  I sure hope so.  He dominated.  I was 2/2.  I like McDonald more than Williams long term, but both guys are worth owning.  Williams will eventually get lot’s of run support.

Rick Porcello (DET)- Nice outing last time.  He has a high ceiling so I expect him to continue to pitch well.

Drew Pomeranz (COL)- I like him as a two starter this week.  He has a bright future ahead of him, but he’s still really young.  Long term he worries me because of his innings limit.  He looked good in his last start though, so ride him while he’s high.

Anthony Bass (SD)- His first few starts were good.  And he struck out a batter per inning.  His last start was rough, but he still had 7 K’s.  If he K’s 7 every game I’ll take him regardless of the ERA.  Petco will help that ERA though.

Joe Blanton (PHI)- Looking good.  Throwing quality starts and striking people out.  He’s pretty streaky though.  I trust him personally.

Travis Wood (CHC)- I’ve always liked Wood.  I had him the last few years with the Reds.  He has dominant stuff.  There were times the last few seasons where he had no hitter scares.  He was just called up this season and made his debut Sunday night where he threw a quality start.

Jearmar Gomez (CLE)- He has good stuff.  Eventually he will put up good K’s too.  His problem in the past has been consistency.  But that’s expected from a youngster.  So far so good.

Wade Miley (ARI)- Sure, why not?  He’s putting up good numbers.  He’s decent.

Chris Davis (SP, BAL)- Sorry.  I had to do it.


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