A lot of team’s have off days next week so there really are not a whole lot of starters who go twice.  This makes this a very important week for you to grab an extra guy who will pitch twice for you.  Here is a list in order of 6 guys who should be available to pick up in most leagues.

Jason Marquis- He has been great this season.  Don’t worry about PHI hitting him hard on Wednesday night because PHI hits everyone hard.  He is @ATL next week and then faces FLA who he has already pitched well against this year.  Without even thinking about it just make him your guy if he’s available.

Jake Arrieta- I’m either a homer or I like a guy who’s thrown 5/7 quality starts this year with 4 wins and 2 games of 8 K’s or higher.  First he is home against SEA who has a weak offense.  Then he is @TB, a team that the Orioles play good against.

Travis Wood- Motivated by the fact that two guys need to be sent down when both Cueto and Bailey return.  LeCure and Leake should be those guys so as long as Wood stays he will be a good pickup.  He is @HOU first.  Then he takes on STL who he has a 2.03 ERA against.  He is starting to strike out more batters and is pitching as well as he did at the end of last season and at the start of this season.

Kevin Correia- If he’s still available go ahead and get him.  He’s made a believer out of me.  He seems to have a good outing every time he pitches.  He faces LAD who he is 5-3 against, and then @MIL.  His numbers against MIL aren’t that impressive, but he should do fine given how well he’s pitched.

Freddy Garcia- The same as Correia.  He has pitched well all year so he’s worth taking a chance on.  He is home twice this week to take on KC and BOS.  He should do fine against KC at least.  Boston could hit him hard, but he’s worth a risk.

Vance Worley- Well he’s 2-0 on the season.  He’s a toss up, but at least he pitches twice.  He is @FLA and @ATL.  Don’t really like his chances on the road twice after overachieving, but who knows.  Guys like this can sometimes pitch well against everyone until they see him multiple times.

Keep watching for good players to be dropped and them jump on them.  Those who listened to me and jumped on Bumgarner after he was being cut in most leagues have been rewarded.  If your struggling at SS and someone like Derek Jeter is cut then pick them up for their upside.  I’ve seen Jeter cut in two leagues already, so it could be coming in your league.  If you have Jeter I wouldn’t straight cut him.  Most shortstops are bad already so just suck it up and hope he brings that average up soon.  He has hit the ball a lot better this week.  Also watch Erik Bedard.  He looks to be returning to form after missing over a year.  His K’s are still low, but they should improve over time.  Josh Willingham is another good deep pickup.  He is a streaky player and seems to be getting hot right now.  He’s an ok backup player because he does produce pretty nicely. My last note is to start giving all these bad closers a short leash.  If they keep blowing games then cut them.