Not to toot my own horn, but most of the guys on this list each week are really paying off.  So you should listen to it.  Here are some good pickups this week.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia (C, BOS)- He’s on fire right now.  The power potential has always been there, and he shows it pretty consistently.  Don’t expect him to continue to hit for average like he is right now.  He’s not a high average guy.

Jonathan Lucroy (C, MIL)- He peaked for the season on Sunday.  I understand that.  But he should be decent all season long.  He can hit for average, give a little power, and plays in an offense that will continue to improve.  He’s a good fill in while your catcher is out.

Matt Adams (1B, STL)- Super 1B prospect for the Cardinals.  Now that Lance Berkman is out for the season he’s been called up.  Don’t expect him to tear it up right away, but he certainly has upside.  If your in a very deep league you might want to think about him.

Kelly Johnson (2B, TOR)- I like him for the long haul because of the homer mentality in Toronto.  He seems to do something every single day for you.  He can hit homers, he steals bases, and he scores runs.  Don’t expect a high average, because he’s never done that.  But he’s hitting for a better average than normal, and that could stay that way.

Jhonny Peralta (SS, DET)- His last two weeks have been pretty good.  He’s a much better player than he’s shown this year.  I don’t expect him to put up All-Star numbers like he did last year, but he can certainly be serviceable in that hot offense.  That offense is about to explode.

Ian Desmond (SS, WAS)- First of all, he’s going to hurt your average.  He isn’t a great hitter.  But he does have slightly more power than a normal SS does.  Now that he is hitting lower in the order, he has a little more value.  He can hit a homer from time to time, he’s in line to get more RBI’s, and he can steal bases.  Not your ideal starter, but he’s good insurance.

Brian Dozier (SS, MIN)- Good start to his career.  I don’t expect him to contribute all year, but he is right now.  If your looking to stream a middle infielder, he could be your guy.

Raul Ibanez (OF, NYY)- He’s going to have a nice season.  He’s well protected in a very good offense.  His homerun total over the last 10 games have been pretty high.  I expect him to be a normal #3 fantasy OF.  Most of the production right now comes from a hot streak, but he’s still an upgrade to a lot of guys in the league.

Alfonso Soriano (OF, CHC)- He switched his swing up a little bit, and he’s hitting.  He’s putting together a nice string of multi-hit games, which is great for the average.  He’s always had near 30 HR potential, even after he dropped off as an elite player.  He’s worth owning right now.

Delmon Young (OF, DET)- His legal issues are over for the time being, and he’s playing everyday again.  He’s also been hitting #5 behind MCab and Fielder.  That means his RBI total can be extremely high.  I like him over the course of the entire season.  I expect him to hit over .300 with at least 2 HR this week.

Mike Carp (OF, SEA)- He’s back from injury and he’s hitting.  You may not remember, but there was a time last year where he was the #1 fantasy player over an extended amount of time.  This guy is future upper-tier fantasy OF.  He has legit power, and could be a superstar.  Right now he’s still recovering, but he’s playing everyday.  He does however leave late in the games for a defensive replacement.  The healthier he gets, the better he will get.  He could be a difference maker long term.

Felipe Paulino (SP, KC)- What do you mean you didn’t grab him yet?  He shut down the Orioles last week.  And he pitches twice this week.  His K/IP is ridiculous.  Sure he will give up 3-4 runs from time to time, but he will always give you high K’s and will help your ERA most of the time.

Jake Arrieta (SP, BAL)- He’s back.  Excellent start last week.  He had troubles against big offenses like TEX, NYY, and LAA, but that’s okay.  He’s a solid guy for your rotation.

Julio Teheran (SP, ATL)- You knew it was coming eventually.  My favorite young pitcher.  He is dominating AAA.  And he’s one injury away from coming up and staying.  And winning Rookie of the Year in my eyes.  Mike Minor has been terrible.  If he continues to struggle you could see Teheran as early as this weekend.  Grab him when he comes up.

Phil Hughes (SP, NYY)- Two straight quality starts.  The K’s have been decent.  Good offense.  I’d take a chance on him at the bottom of my rotation.

Scott Diamond (SP, MIN)- He was on this list last week.  And he had two more pretty good outings.  Anyone can pitch in that huge park in Minnesota.  Except for Francisco Liriano…

Jeanmar Gomez (SP, CLE)- Quality starts in his last 4 of 5 outings.  He’s capable of being a K/IP.  Pick him up, ride the hot streak, and keep him if the hot streak becoms a consistent season.  That’s the best way to play this game.

Trevor Bauer (SP, ARI)- In his first start at AAA he went 8 IP, 1 ER, 11 K.  Enough said.  He’s going to force his way into the rotation soon.