We all remember the Baltimore Colts leaving Owings Mills in a bunch of Mayflower moving trucks. What we may not remember is that Baltimore lost its professional baseball team to New York in 1903. That team would eventually evolve into the hated Yankees. So what happened in the 50 years between when the old Orioles left and the St. Louis Browns moved to Charm City to become what we now know as the Baltimore Orioles? 50 years of continued baseball tradition as part of the International League. The documentary, The Forgotten Birds, gives us the history of baseball in Baltimore during that time period.

This documentary is no joke. It is 4 hours of coverage. It gives us a history of former major leaguers resurrecting their career in the minor leagues. It also looks at future hall of famers who made their big break as part of baseball in Baltimore. This documentary is also the history of Baltimore. So much of what went on in the city had its effect on the baseball being played there.

If you are interested in checking the Forgotten Birds out, you can get more information at http://www.forgottenbirds.com/.