While we have a lull in the action, I wanted to take a second and talk to all you fans of BSR about commenting. We use a cool tool called IntenseDebate to manage our comments. We chose it because it allows for threaded discussions and easy moderation. One of the added benefits has been a point system. Once you register and sign in with IntenseDebate, every time you get comment you get a point. If your comment sucks, than people can take points away from you. If you have a good comment, you could possibly receive multiple points.

What does this mean? Well, the partnership that runs Baltimore Sports Report is working through a rewards program. If you reach a certain amount of points, you will receive some cool BSR Swag, a second level might score you free tickets to a BSR event, another level my add you to the BSR Commenter Hall of Fame.

So please, keep commenting! just try to think about using what IntenseDebate has to offer.