I love the one-two punch that is Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer in the broadcast booth during Orioles games. I could listen to those guys talk for days.

It’s hilarious to me when people complain about Palmer talking about his playing days. Hall of Famers with three World Series rings, three Cy Young Awards, four Gold Gloves and a no-hitter are allowed to talk about themselves.

One of my favorite aspects of the Gary-Jim broadcast is Palmer’s scouting reports on the pitchers. They’re often informational and humorous. Here’s what Cakes came up on Monday.

Jim Palmer Scouting Report - Jered Weaver June 10, 2013

Ah, a Phil Collins reference. Good work, Palmer.

Jim Palmer scouting report - Freddy Garcia - June 10, 2013

Freddy hasn’t even thrown a pitch yet and he soaked in sweat. That’s not rain, folks.

Like any good real estate agent, Palmer takes note of the importance of location.